Bobi Wine should Immediately make up with Muntu, Mao and form that trinity


Friends and funs and Facebook family; I WILL REMAIN A QUIET SUPPORTER OF HON BOBI WINE.

To imagine an enemy and fail to attack the real enemy is a clear way to self-destruction! Today, in Uganda, we are now focusing on moles we created. We are focusing on the division in DP and now look at Mao as the source of decay of DP. We look at DP as a vehicle to help our change movement we have. We are sure for 20 years FDC set up an institution, strong and democratic. It has a system unlike DP ridled with division and hypocrites who ironically hide behind Buganda as a tribe. They are indirectly fighting Bobi wine, they are not for him. Drawing tribal card will help them and their pursuit. Uganda needs a strong alliance in diversity. But I have stopped. I will only remain a supporter.

In Uganda, from 1962, we have been in turmoil. We have had our fair share of violent conflicts. Millions of Ugandans died. We have had wars, and conflicts among ourselves.

We have had Ugandans in Buganda, Teso, Acholi, Lango, Kasese and other parts of Uganda perish.

We have seen civil wars; besides we have had arrested development by a regime. We have a dictatorship that have given us pain. For 34 Ugandans are yearning for change.

Like a drawing man, we hold into anything. For 20 from the advent of democracy in 2005, we have had a Dr Besigye who did everything including losing his own brother, and being physically tortured.

We have had different political players trying to bring hope of change to Uganda. We have had very many failed opportunities. The regime is so entrenched that there is seemingly no opposition.

Politics has been commercialized, and above all majority of Ugandans live in poverty. The regime traded on tribalism to deny Ugandans Unity. For the first time, the messianic arrival of Mr Kyagulanyi into the political terrain of Uganda has given hope. He has come with a national character, as opposed to the parties founded on religious and tribal lines.

But unfortunately, the regime and some hypocrites in opposition set a few people to hide behind Buganda as a tribe to deny change.

Unfortunately, when some of us come out to advise and tell people this treachery, we are mistaken for defending Mao who is my tribe. Far from that, I see beyond the normal.

But they say a word is enough for a wise. Because of the love, hope and believe I have on Bobi wine, I had to analyze politics of Uganda, DP turmoil has downed so much on his popularity and I said, Bobi should Immediately make up with Muntu, Mao and form that trinity.

I stated that FDC has Besigye will run. Unity may not yield change but create an avenue for revolution. Or force the regime to think twice and call for national unity. But from today; I am done, my advice is enough, if taken by the players, we will see victories, but if not, we expect nothing.


I am indebted to you for keeping my page lively. You have made it an epitome of intellectual debate. But I noticed, the first months we were together. But the past two months has seen a bitter fights and misunderstanding on my messages.

As a leader I thought I should give my piece of mind. But it turned out to be mistaken. In Uganda we are in trouble because of leadership challenge. To me, the question of leadership is vital end in our efforts. Primarily, we should define our quest for a new chapter that seeks to build common ground politics. A chance for this country to build on what has been done right and to erase the bad memories. It is our duty and it should be our life time commitment to shape the world (country) that our children and other generations will enjoy.


Many attacked me for supporting Hon Mao being my tribe. No I always detested the tribal wars on him by a few hypocrites Like betty Nambooze who hide behind SUUBI, who uses her face book to incite tribalism.

Her intention and her group is not about fighting Mao or DP but destroying Bobi presidency. Bobi and supporters must watch out. I am Bobi wine supporter and he has my votes and I will mobilize for him. I am not a blind supporter though and many of his supporters have put red lights on me. My only problem is that I see beyond the nose and mere supporting because I am a leader not a follower! I want every body to revisit my thoughts calmly in their free time. You may realize that when Bobi and the players in politics today follow my advice, Ugandans will be happy.

A message from a Lady from Kasese.

“At this particular time, I see that all the Opposition leaders are or have failed on unity to take over from M7. I have left talking about unity. Let each one contest the way he understands and plans his/her move. I hear Matembe has declared. Individuals can now support their own. M7 will do all that it takes to make no coalition take place. Let’s see what happens “

A colleague from Buganda, a PHD and running for Parliament.

“By God’s command soon I will be serving our Nation from that stand point. Bobi, needs to lift the reality veil and establish the truth which lies underneath it. Tribal emphasis is only better than clan emphasis at a time when our small units like Parties – which Bobi himself has been preaching against given the shape and direction of his movement. Your advise should be kindly digested without rush inorder to understand its full velocity.”

He added “At such a time when the debate within a score of pro people’ power members from some parties are selling the supremacy of some tribes over others, it’s only right for him to lead and steer them to a cosmopolitan union. Because the votes he needs must have a multi tribal element in order to win by any margin.”

In conclusion, I will insist, the best person who can bring victory to Ugandans when all rally behind him is Hon Kyagulanyi. He is not a politician but a leader, I urge politicians to forgive his strategies of recruiting from individual parties, but that is a skill.

Most Parties are divided. I urge everyone to revisit the DP special purpose document to come up with a leader. I insist, it’s counter productive to have a Bobi, Besigye and a Mao in Ballot paper against Museveni. It doesn’t add up. If we sacrificed, lets sacrifice Presidency for a year or two and force change. We may not win but have enough joint pressure on the regime. I will remain a quiet supporter of Hon Bobi Wine. I am done with advice. I bumay have become your enemy because you mistook my advice but in politic, there is no permanent friend or enemy. But permanent interest. Uganda interest.

Mwaka Lutukumoi