Save Murchison Falls, Uganda Poor Youth drop piglets in a protest of give away of a prestigious toursit site

Save Murchison Falls, Uganda poor youth drop number of piglets in a protest of give away of a prestigious toursit site.Whisper Eye Reports.

The Alternative Social Movement, Uganda Poor Youth Movement and Redtop Brigade have thrown piglets in Kampala protesting the intended destruction of Murchison Falls on River Nile.

Environmentalist and political activists condemn the actions of the NRM government in its intended
construction of a dam at Uhuru falls.

Uganda has always been considered the pearl of Africa and this is attributed to many factors such as the vast forests, existence of green almost everywhere, water bodies like lakes and rivers.

The Alternative Uganda Poor Youth Movement spokesperson Ssempala Zaidi told Whisper Eye that there is need to protect Uganda’s environment at all costs.

‘With the existence of such falls like Murchison, it not only beautifies the environment and
increases on tourism attraction but also
positively impacts on climate’, says Mr Ssempala.

‘The greed and Corrupt of the former minister Irene Muloni, ERA ED, Eng Maria Tibalwa Waako and Bonang Power and Energy Pty Limited signed agreements that are not only going to cost Ugandans but also a threat to Uganda’s future climate’, Mr Ssempala explains.

Youthful political activists said that they have seen many countries investing in the digging of man-made lakes and rivers and a nation so blessed like Uganda is instead pushing towards
destruction of the same to have construction of a hydro power dam so as to increase on the supply of power in this modern era when people are moving towards the use of solar energy and nuclear energy.

“Regardless of our political divides and
ideologies, we ask all Ugandans to jointly resist this orthodox, unpatriotic, unwise, primitive and evil government decision to auction our pearl”, said Mr Tumuhimbise Norman the National coordinator for the Movement.

This area also has Murchison Falls National Park straddles the Ugandan districts of Buliisa, Nwoya, Kiryandongo, and Masindi.

The majestic Murchison Falls National Park boasts large herds of buffaloes, towering Rothschild giraffes, hartebeests and big cats.

It’s vegetation ranges from Savannah to open woodland and to tropical forest.

Whisper Eye shall keep you posted.