Alur kingdom and leaders backs queen of West Nile tourism exhibition initiative

In a significant development, the Organizers of 2024 Queen of west Nile beauty pageantry have received a big boost about the support Alur Kingdom has promised towards their forthcoming event slated for 27- 28 of July this year.

The homecoming event of newly crowned queen of west Nile Patricia Jane Alobo shall see a couple of activities undertaken ranging from free health services, tree planting, cultural exhibition, keep Paidha town clean, Agricultural and food exhibition, traditional dances, Art and craft exhibition, music performances and social networking.

In a press conference on Saturday 22, June 2024 at Paidha cultural centre in Paidha town council Zombo district, Sam Kumakech , the director youth affairs, information and sports at Alur kingdom told journalists that the kingdom is ready to offer necessary support and blessing towards the success of the forthcoming event.

He also expressed his happiness about the organizers plan of identifying and exhibiting the cultural sites thus boosting the many existing but unknown historical tourism sites in the kingdom.
“I would really like this to take this opportunity to say we are going to back up this developmental activities and we shall be behind them because, this is what our King His Majesty Ubimu Phillip Ularker III sent us out to do to keep in partnership with any developmental activities which directly associates with cultural preserves which is the heart of the kingdom” Kumakech explained.

Sam Kumakech,The Director for youth affairs, sports and information in Alur Kingdom.

Though pageants creates a platform for young women to gain a number of benefits, in Greater Nebbi, many people are green about the event since it has never been organized in the area before.

Beauty queens have big dreams of which one is winning a prize and to be named the most beautiful and to wear a beaming and sparkling crown, one would wish to also have a remarkable impact through touching lives in various ways.

The 2024 Queen of west Nile beauty pear gantry which is predominantly tourism oriented was themed “beauty meet adventure”, aiming at exposing and promoting west Nile, the region well-endowed with myriads of many unrecognized cultural and tourism sites.

The queen of west Nile 2024 Patricia Jane Alobo expressed her joy about the kingdom’s backing and as well as other political and cultural leaders, the media and stakeholders for standing in the gap towards the forthcoming event.

She pledged commitment in her one year reign to ensure that some key cultural sites in Alur kingdom and others in the entire west Nile sub region is extensively exposed nationally and internationally.
Alobo also pledged her support towards girl child education through provision of sanitary pads for most of the under privileged girls most of whom drop out of school due to lack of sanitary pads.

The region of west Nile grapples with the deep seated challenge of high dropout rate, early marriages and teenage pregnancies exacerbating sky high illiteracy rate, poverty and other health-related complications like prostrate fistula amongst others.

Alobo said some of the challenges of early marriage and teenage pregnancies can best be addressed through sensitization that she has already prioritized in her one year reign.

She also pledged her support towards promoting sports and talents from the region that is blessed with talented players most of whom are faced with challenge of exposure and lack of sports facilities like playgrounds and kits

The queen of west Nile beauty pageantry was introduced in December last year and held its first event at Global village resort Pakwach town council, Pakwach district recently that saw Patricia Jane Alobo from Paidha town council being crowned as a winner upon beating a couple of contestants.

Francis Adriko, the team leader of Queen of west Nile beauty pageantry during the Queens’s home coming launch commended the support being offered by institutions and leaders at various capacities adding that the Queen needs support across board for her to achieve her set targets.
He said the objective of the event will be to mobilize funds for effective implementation of the queen’s activities in her one year reign.

Amos Jacan, the youth chairperson Zombo district and also the event chairperson central organizing committee took journalists through a long list of the programme that shall transpire on that day of the homecoming event, and rallied for support and mobilization from everyone.

It’s the first of its kind that such an event is coming to Zombo district where about 65 percent of youths can’t read and write according to a recent study conducted by Life concern, a non-governmental organization.

But the LCIII chairperson of Paidha town council Innocent Godfrey Onega has appealed to the queen, the media and community to use the forthcoming event and their influence to market the district and the entire region positively. He also pledged his total support towards the forthcoming homecoming event in Zombo district appealing to the queen to invest in mind-set change amongst the youths towards education in the area.

Meanwhile Nelson Ogentho, from the office of the national chairman Zombo office who represented the Resident district commissioner called upon the organizers to be focused pledging the office of the president’s support towards the initiative that is tourism-oriented.

Apparently, many politicians are going through immense criticism from especially the disgruntled youths, many of whom feel totally disoriented with how things are going on in the area.

The LCV chairperson of Zombo James Oyullu Oruna has supported the initiative with an unspecified amount of money in cash and called upon the queen and the organizers “to use the event to drum message about mind-set change amongst our disgruntled youths most of whom have become abusive to us the leaders in this region”

Some of the tourism sites in west Nile
West Nile sub region is endowed with myriad of tourism sites that amongst others include Wang-lei site in Pakwach district, Biku Chapel said to be the smallest church in the world situated in Nebbi District, Alur Kingdom Palace, Miriadua falls, Ajai game reserve, river Nile, Nyagak River, mountains.