Oyam South Parliamentary Aspirant Patrick Ogwanga Obura donates browlyers to Catechists

By Chris Woo

Oyam south Parliamentary aspirant hon Patrick Ogwang Obura has donated a total of 590 browlyers to 59 Minakulu catholic Parish catechists. #WhisperEyeNews

Ogwang Obura who is vaying for parliamentary seat comes 2026 under National Resistance Movement NRM Party recently launched an empowerment project targeting vulnerable youths,women, elders and servants of God in all denominations.

In a twist of event held at Minakulu Catholic Parish headquarters on Tuesday,19 Catecists who did not get  browlyers in the first disbursement excitedly received 190 browlyers making a total of 590 browlyers received by all the 59 catechists of Minakulu Catholic Parish.

When handing over these browlyers to the beneficiaries on behalf of hon Patrick Ogwang Obura, Geoffrey Thadeo Okello the Lc3 councillor who represents Kulu Abura to Minakulu Sub county council said this donation was not political because Ogwang Obura decided long time ago to empower catechists because of their limited time in an active productive activities since they are normally committed in God’s service.

Okello further implored the voters of Oyam South constituency to consider hon Patrick Ogwang Obura comes 2026 general election since he is the only servant leader with a vision of poverty eradication through high level of lobby in his manifesto.

Peter Odyek a suppliers who works with Uzima chickens called upon beneficiary not to have any fear in poultry business because this is a good start of development.

However, Odyek further he challenged these catechists to feed their browlyers at all the appropriate time for that they can archive out of them.

Donsiano Kevin Okello Atoli a catechist of Minakulu Catholic Parish who is currently serving at St Benedict Opuk Catholic chapel who spoke on behalf of his  colleagues catechists expressed excitement over this development pledging to put these benefits into good use inorder to meet its primary goal.

Okello Atoli further rallied  other politicians to copy the same good example from hon Patrick Ogwang Obura so that voter can as well benefits from their votes.

Ogwang Obura who is currently working at the NRM secretariat is vaying for the Oyam South NRM flag as he contest with other  prominent aspirants such as hon Nommy the current Speaker of Oyam district council Otieno and Engineer Robert Ogwara who are also vaying for the same flag and all of them are fighting to succeed minister of Gender Labour and Social development who has decided to go and battle with her counterpart Jane Ruth Aceng the minister of health who is the current Lira City member of parliament.