Ugandan trailblazer Suzan Kerunen brings legacy album ‘Acher Achera’ to digital platforms”

Renowned Ugandan artist Suzan Kerunen #SuzanKerunen @SKERUNEN , celebrated for her bilingual and globally-recognized music, is set to unveil her third studio album, “Acher Achera,” on digital streaming platforms for the first time ever this Friday. #WhisperEyeNews

Originally released in 2014, “Acher Achera” has been a cornerstone of Suzan’s discography, exclusively available on CD until now. As the album marks its 10-year anniversary, Suzan is excited to share this legacy project with a wider audience, making it accessible to fans worldwide.

Reflecting on the significance of the album, Suzan shares, “It’s amazing it’s been 10 years. I have lots of great music unreleased digitally, and I would like my fans to get all of it as much as I am planning to play a physical concert soon.”

“Acher Achera,” meaning “I have resurrected” in Luganda, holds deep personal meaning for Suzan, as it was created during a poignant period following the loss of her father. The album serves as a tribute to her father’s memory and a celebration of new beginnings.

Drawing from her own experiences, Suzan infuses the album with themes of sisterhood, celebration, resilience, and self-esteem, offering solace and inspiration to listeners navigating grief and personal trials.

Collaborating closely with producer Jude Mugerwa at Little Penny Studios, Suzan crafts an Afro Fusion sound that enriches the album, blending Afro Pop and World Music elements seamlessly.

Songs like “Aparu Ungo” (I Don’t Care) showcase Suzan’s versatility and storytelling prowess, delivering anthemic tracks that resonate deeply with audiences, while highlighting her cultural roots and African heritage.

As Suzan continues to release her archival and back catalog to digital streaming platforms, fans and music lovers alike can look forward to enjoying more of her timeless music and diverse musical tapestry.