NUP football tournament disrupted by security forces, Bobi Wine condemns Moses Maggogo’s political Interference

In a shocking turn of events, a football match organized by the National Unity Platform (NUP) youth wing at Mpunde Playground in Budiope East Constituency, Buyende district, took a tumultuous turn as security operatives reportedly raided the venue, firing teargas and live bullets. #WhisperEyeNews

This past Sunday, young participants from the National Unity Platform gathered for a friendly football match as part of the nationwide NUP Footsoldiers’ Tournament. However, the event was abruptly disrupted, leaving players and supporters fleeing the venue with serious injuries.

Midway through the match, security forces intervened, unleashing teargas and live bullets, turning a sports event into a chaotic scene. The reasons behind the security forces’ actions remain unclear, raising concerns about the use of force during a peaceful gathering.

Notably, the area is represented in Parliament by Magogo Moses, who also serves as the President of Uganda’s football governing body, FUFA. Opposition leader Bobi Wine alleges that Magogo played a role in preventing the match from taking place, questioning his commitment to sports and advocacy for youth engagement.

In a statement, Bobi Wine expressed disappointment in the disruption of the tournament, emphasizing the need for political leaders to support sports rather than impede such events. He expressed determination, saying, “Naye kijja kuggwa! We shall overcome!”

The NUP is calling for a thorough investigation into the incident, seeking answers about the reasons behind the security forces’ intervention and the alleged involvement of Magogo Moses. Concerns about political interference in sports events are gaining traction, with calls for accountability.

The incident has left a mark on the sports community, with participants and supporters questioning the safety of organizing such events in the current political climate. The disruption raises broader concerns about the space for sports and youth engagement in the country.

As the incident gains attention, there is anticipation for an official response from the government and security forces regarding the actions taken at the NUP Footsoldiers’ Tournament. Clarity on the circumstances leading to the disruption is crucial for fostering trust and transparency.

The unexpected disruption of the NUP football match highlights the intersection of politics and sports in Uganda. The incident sparks conversations about the role of political leaders in supporting and fostering a conducive environment for youth engagement in sports.