SPA/PA Hon Ruth Katushabe earthquakes Hoima as Chief Guest for a Children’s foundation fundraising Dinner

The Senior Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs and Translations Ruth Katushabe spent the day of 27th October in Hoima District as Chief guest for the Bunyoro Save the Children Foundation fundraising dinner at Hoima Resort Hotel.

The occasion saw thousands attend the special event that was aimed at raising funds to help the needy children who cannot afford school fees as well as give a relief to the parents that are struggling to raise the fees.

On Arrival to the oil city, Hon Ruth Katushabe who was accompanied by Miss Uganda, Miss Tourism and the Executive Director of the foundation Princess Doreen Kezia Iguru Adyeeri first visited Bwikya primary School where she delivered a message of hope to the thousands of pupils that had gathered. She told the young boys and girls that they can be whatever they want to be if they work hard and stay forcused because herself she never came from a privileged family but managed to beat all odds and become what she is.

The Senior Presidential Advisor then proceeded to the Omukama’s Palace where she delivered a portrait of President Yoweri Museveni on his behalf and also passed on his message of wishing the Omukama a quick recovery as he is still bed ridden. Hon Katushabe assured the Bunyoro leaders that they are in good books of the President and he loves them so much and pledged to continue supporting all the Kingdom’s activities whenever he is called to.

She then after headed to the fundraising dinner at Hoima Resort Hotel where thousands had gathered to give a hand to the Bunyoro Save the Children Foundation that has sofar done a great job in helping the less privileged children in Bunyoro Sub region.

In her speech to the audience, Hon Katushabe asked all those who have the capacity to pick something from the pockets to do so and help fund this organization as many like her would not have made it in life if people never helped her as her parents were less equipped to cater for her education. Hon Katushabe donated 2 million Uganda shillings to the foundation in cash vowing to even donate more in the nearby future to see that the children of Bunyoro can benefit from this fruit project.

On the same occasion, Hon Ruth Katushabe also took charge of awarding certificates to over 120 youths who had graduated under the Presidential skilling program in the area. She thanked the youths for having the courage to take on the skilling programs as they are the basis of fighting unemployment in the country. She further asked them to take use of the opportunity to become productive citizens in the country.