Leaders in hot soup for settling defilement case of a 3-year-old girl at home

By Martin Anguyo

Terego district- The police in Katrini sub-county, Terego 

District in the West Nile Sub-region is hunting for the LC 1 chairman of Lingoro village Phillp Dramadri and the clan chairman of Yianzipi clan Pio Tiako after reportedly settling down the defilement case remotely.

It’s alleged that a 19-year-old suspect only identified as Obitre, a resident of Lingoro village in Olea Parish On October 17  defiled a 3-year-old girl of the same area. It’s reported that, after the incident, the victim’s relatives from the Oliapi clan in the same Parish together with the suspect’s relatives from the clan of Yianzipi agreed not to report the matter to police but rather opted for negotiations.

 After receiving the information from a whistleblower on 23rd October 2023, the police immediately swung into action and arrested the suspect plus other people who were present in that meeting.

The LC 3 chairman of Katrini sub-county Moses Maandebo appealed to local leaders to live examplary life before warning them against sitting over such criminal cases.

” It is unfortunate that since this thing happened on the 17th, the whole matter was not promptly reported and we just came to know on the 23rd that, the two clans had sat for negotiations” said the local council three chairman.

Meanwhile, a source who spoke on the condition of anonymity told this publication that, the two clans of Yianzipi and Oliapi agreed to sit down over fear that, the suspect would be put in life imprisonment.

According to the reports, cases of defilement in the Terego district are becoming rampant and local leaders stress the need for joint force from all stakeholders to curb the vice.

The Ugandan Penal Code Act defines defilement as “unlawful … sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of eighteen years” and makes the offence punishable by death