Police intercepts Bukonzo West NUP MP aspirant Bwambale Frank at Mpondwe market

Police intercepts Bukonzo West NUP MP aspirant Bwambale Frank at Mpondwe market. Whisper Eye Reports

Police have this afternoon captured NUP Bukonzo West MP aspirant, Frank Bwambale as he entered Mpondwe Market in Bwera town, Kasese district. According to credible sources, Bwambale had gone to meet some of his supporters in Mpondwe market who wanted to share their plight with him.

He arrived at 12:00hrs amidst ululations and chants as traders, vendors and market operators hailed his name. Police was already on standby and swung into action , fired some teargas to disperse his crowding supporters.

Several arrests have been made including the MP hopeful who remains under police custody.

Since the 24 year old Makerere student activist joined his district politics, he has been prophesied to be the regional liberator of the antagonized Rwenzururu.

Many look to him as the epitome of the struggle in Kasese. The maverick student journalist is celebrated at his alma mater, Makerere University as one of the irreplaceable activists to ever exist at the hill. His close peers declared him the ‘last of his kind’ because he holds a record of being the only journalism student to be suspended twice.

The aforehinted history is what is sending shockwaves to both the camps of the incumbent area MP, Katusabe Godfrey Atkins and the Ugandan ambassador to China, Dr. Crispus Kiyonga.

Since he declared to run as MP for Bukonzo West under the People Power ticket, the entire Kasese has seen a commendable number of youths embrace and associate with the red camp.

Bwambale is only backslide by the repressive and aggressive police approach. “All state forces are against him.

He is always blocked from the district. If he announces to visit, police deploys road blocks and checks every vehicle that gets into the district,” reveals Kambere John, a NUP youth in Kasese. “All his posters are ever torn by police and LDU in broad daylight moreover,” he adds.

By the time of filing this report, we could not reach Bwambale as his known phone contacts were unavailable. But his aide reiterates to this site that the MP hopeful will be released later this evening and escorted out of the district by heavy security.