Zombo security summons planners of peaceful demonstration

Planners of the peaceful demonstration against the sorry state of roads in Zombo say they have been called for a meeting by the district security committee.  #WhisperEyeNews

The news about the meeting has gone viral on different social media platforms across the region but Zombo Security has not commented about this “planned interface”.

They say the meeting is to take place at the district headquarters on October 20

For weeks, Residents have been sharing photos of roads laced with potholes depicting a sorry state of roads across the District that falls under central government.

The residents say they shall peacefully show their grievances by marching in different parts of the district with the theme ” Zombo roads also matter”

Notwithstanding the extensive mobilization ongoing about the October 25 would-be event, Security has been tight-lipped.

The organizers say they have distributed letters of notification to all security leaders and offices.

Many leaders who went anonymous confirmed receiving the letter.

The planners of the peaceful demonstrators say they have been receiving threats all the time.

In Uganda, few peaceful demonstrations have gone undisrupted by security.