Lwengo District Boss Kitatta exhibits high level of transparency & accountability as IG report finds no coin misused

Lwengo District Boss Kitatta exhibits high level of transparency & accountability as IG report finds no coin misused. #WhisperEyeNews

The Inspect of Government (IG) carried out a monitoring and inspection program of projects implemented under the District Discretionary Equalisation Grant (DDEG) in Lwengo District Local Government for the financial year 2021/22.

The aim of of the inspection was to establish the amount of DDEG Funds recieved by the district, how it was spent and also establish whether the projects on which the money was spent on exist including their status.

According to the report, Lwengo District which is led by Governor Ibrahim Kittata demonstrated a high level of transparency and accountability where all funds that were recieved were put to use for their intended purposes including the existence of the said projects in good status.

The report showed that Lwengo District recieved 939, 778,967 ugshs (nine hundred and thirty nine million seven hundred seventy eight thousand nine hundred sixty seven uganda shillings) on which 517,677 980 ugshs (five hundred seventeen million six hundred seventy seven thousand nine hundred eighty shillings uganda shillings was transfered to lower local governments and the balance of 422,100,987 shs (Four hundred twenty two million, one hundred thousand nine hundred eight seven uganda shillings) retained at the District headquarters to implement the DDEG activities.

According to the report, 31 projects were inspected and found in existence and in use by the intended beneficiaries. It was alo established that the contractors were fully paid with all the funds properly accounted for.

Governor Ibrahim Kittata since he took office as Lwengo District LCV Chairperson in 2021 vowed to ensure proper use of funds at the District as well as ensuring proper service delivery to the people living in the district. On so many accassions, he has been seen monitoring the progress of the different projects that are being worked on by the district authorities to ensure that there is no misuse of the tax payers money.

He also recently lobbied for Kagganda Health Center II in Kkingo Sub county to ensure that it gets drugs and other medical supplies from the National Medical stores under the ministry of health after 10 years of waiting something that has come to pass.