Gen Museveni gives an update on Operation Shuja as Uganda bombers destroy ADF camps

Gen Museveni gives an update on operation shuja as Uganda fighter bombers destroy ADF camps.

Fellow Ugandans and, especially, the Bazzukulu.

I need to inform you that yesterday, the 4th of October, 2023, our fighter- bombers paid another visit to the terrorists, quite some distance inside Congo, in the Mambasa territory area. They attacked 3 targets, 180kms, 184kms and 200kms, respectively, from the border on the Ntoroko side.

I congratulate the Air-force, the Special Duties Regiment (SDR) and UPDF in general, on the good work they are doing to protect our Congolese brothers and sisters as well as Ugandans from these spoilt actors who are, moreover, ignorant of what war actually means.

They have been inviting us to pay attention to them by killing Ugandans and we are now responding to the invitation. The attacks are invariably precise and we shall find out, after some time, who and how many terrorists died.
It is futile and very dangerous to the individuals involved, to think that they can kill Ugandans and be safe themselves.

We salute the Government of H.E Tshisekedi for agreeing to work with us and allowing us to assist them and, in the process, assist ourselves as Ugandans.

The President of Uganda comminicated.