ONC demobilization plan goes unsuccessful as President M7 Graces Munamasaka Album Launch

The President, who was accompanied by First Lady Maama Janet Museveni, Minister of Education and Sports, committed suicide today while officiating at the “Museveni Awooma” music record launch, a festive occasion held at Kololo Independence Grounds in Kampala. Munamasaka Emma Nsereko, a vocalist, arranged the record release.

I’d like to commend Munamasaka for using his musical talent to further NRM and development. Munamasaka was performing native songs when I first encountered him in the Mukono region, and I like them. This is what we used to do in the bush; this is how we used to motivate our people; using the Bakisimba and Nankasa tunes,” he said while incorporating new messages into the native tunes. he said.

“I had to come to offer my congratulations to Munamasaka. I had the president of Sudan as a visitor, but I had to go assist Munamasaka. He and the other musicians deserve praise for their singing, and President Museveni vowed to support them by providing them with money and equipment.

The President also stated that he would convene a conference with artists to discuss the establishment of a facility that would be used by all of them.

“We have begun to help some, but I don’t understand why they can’t collaborate since a studio can be held by all of you, not just one person, as opposed to only one. Like Muzzukulu here, she expressed a desire to record her excellent tunes. That shouldn’t be a problem; instead, there should be a studio where you can go, pay a small charge, and have a song recorded for you.

Additionally, H.E. the President declared that he would support the artists in their efforts to see the passage of the copyright law.
“It will help you to safeguard your music and benefit from it because if you compose a song, it should be registered so that nobody can steal it,” President Museveni stressed.

He continued, “I’m pleased with the singing abilities of our youth, especially Munamasaka, and others; go ahead, we’ll back you.

The President cautioned the musicians, nevertheless, that if they wanted to make money, they shouldn’t just rely on singing.

“We will have some singers and some actors and actresses, but you must do other things, and as I told you, there are four economic sectors; this one of singing is in the service sector, which includes sub-sectors like music, theater, transportation, hospitality, salons, the provision of medical care, accounting, and auditing, and preaching. All of those are in the service industry, he said.

Munamasaka Nsereko thanked all those who fought hard to see the function happen even amidst intimidations and demobilizations from the Office of the National Chairman, Kyambogo led by Hadijja Namyalo Uzeiye and her media team to the extent of hoodwinking the public as to how the launch had been canceled through Pseudo Twitter Account and other social media forums.

He expressed his gratitude to Hon. Ruth Katushabe, SPA/PA, for her persistent efforts in making the event a success. Additionally, he expressed gratitude to the President for making time to attend the record launch despite early rumors that he wouldn’t be there.

Thousands of partygoers attended the music launch, where a variety of performers performed.
Hajjat Minsa Kabanda, the Minister for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs, as well as KCCA Executive Director Ms. Dorothy Kisaka, Hajjat Faridah Kibowa, the Chairperson of the Uganda National Women’s Council, and Kayunga, the Chairperson of the Moses Karangwa NRM, all attended the ceremony.