Hon Katushabe renders support to upcoming music duo Ssendegeya & Lukenge Album launch

The Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs Hon Ruth Katushabe was among the top guests during the launch of the Ndyazange album by the upcoming musical duo of Ssendegeya Muhammed and Lukenge Shariff at Kenlon Hotel in Rubaga, Kampala. #WhisperEyeNews

At the launch, the lucky stunning musical duo who happen to be employees of the famous CBS FM were given some financial support of 500,000 Uganda shillings by Hon Ruth Katushabe who in her speech at the event thanked the two young men for being steadfully determined to make their musical dream come true.

Hon Katushabe pledged to give more support to the duo but advised them to remain disciplined and not allow the fame they have now to over power their thoughts and abilities. She also advised them to take advantage of the music studios that President Museveni has given artists so as to minimize on the costs of production of their music.

Hon Katushabe also used the opportunity to thank the management of CBS FM and Buganda Kingdom for supporting the youths in all their endeavors. She also revealed that she is among the beneficiaries of the great mentorship by CBS that gave her the first platform to speak on air in the early times of her political career while still a student at the University.

“CBS is a home to me. It is where I also began from. It gave me the first platform to speak on air as a young girl while still at the university in a number of political shows. Am so happy that the management has continued to support the dreams of young people like Lukenge and Ssendegeya. We shall forever be indebted.” She said

Before the event, Hon Katushabe had earlier been at Kololo Independence grounds during the launch of the Museveni Awooma Album by Munamasaka Nsereko Emmanuel where the President Museveni pledged to keep supporting the music industry by providing more music studios where artists can go and record their songs from at relatively cheaper cost to enhance their music careers.

Hon Katushabe is well known for supporting youths and during the event, she pledged to make sure that the President’s promises are fulfilled as she will work hand in hand with the artists and the powers at state house to see that what ever they were promised is timely delivered.