Desist from multiple loan borrowing, NCOs warned

By Geofrey Achora Jr

ARUA: The fifty-four newly promoted Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) from Arua Central Business Division and West Nile Regional headquarters have been strongly warned against by several commercial lending institutions that end up confiscating their valuable assets as collateral security.

This was at their orientation training in Arua Central Business Division headquarters where Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) comprised of 01 Station Sergeant, 22 Sergeants, and 31 Corporals, out of which 43 were males and 11 females respectively.

While lecturing on financial literacy, the RPC West Nile Region, ACP Eddie Sserunjogi advised the officers to save at least 20% of their earnings and invest in some income-generating activities to avoid temptation and appetites of borrowing from financial institutions with high-interest rates. The officers were advised to rationalize their expenditures and budget for their homes properly.

 He said that some officers borrow a lot of debts which they fail to pay, as such they become so stressed, that some opt for suicide.

“From today I encourage you to have some gardens for food crops where possible and invest in any small business which can manage and run side by side with your work.   Prepare for retirement starting from now, and at least have a house before retirement, how small it may be” Sserunjogi added.

The Deputy Resident City Commissioner Arua City Ntumwa Issa encouraged the Police officers to form SACCOs in order to avoid borrowing from very expensive financial institutions. He urged the NCOs to set performance goals, and ensure accountability through better service delivery.

The Mayor of Arua Central Division, Muzaid Khemis advised officers to be satisfied with the little they earn and plan it well cautioning them against multiple loan borrowing as management of such loans can be so stressful and affects the performance of an officer on duty.