Uganda Young Patriotic Movement to reinforce NRM structures and embarrass Bobi Wine’s NUP in 2021 elections

Uganda Young Patriotic Movement to reinforce NRM structures and embarrass Bobi Wine’s NUP in 2021 elections.

What is all about uganda young patriotic movement (UYPM)?

We are a social, political and economic enterprise built around a network of progressive NRM cadres and We are determined to cause reforms within nrm to make it become more people centered and effective organization to propel Uganda forward for purposes of achieving its short term, medium term and Long term development agenda.

We are very optimistic about the future of Uganda and we commit to work towards a prosperous uganda. Said Rameka Matsiko the National Coordinator of UYPM.

We are much focused on mobilising young cadres ( the known bazzukulu) who are the majority of Uganda’s population so as to create a mass of like-minded Ugandans through progressive dialogue and engagement to ensure that NRM wins all the Major and Minor positions in the coming general Elections so that so that our country continues to Excell than being taken back from where it was before the Nrm government came to power.
We will undertake to profile the country to enable people to appreciate the milestone that have been achieved by our country as a result of the Nrm government , identify key challenges and design strategic interventions in line with key development agendas arleady outlined in the national development plan and other government policy agendas .
Our interventions are aimed at reinforcing ongoing national resistance movement government development programs and also craft well intentioned interventions with the view of propelling uganda forward.

UYPM intends to create and provide opportunities for young people to tap in the ongoing economic empowerment drives to enable them create wealth, actively participate in transformational undertakings as citizens but also enable them identify their potential.

Timelines and organs or operational structure

The national council: comprise of the core founder members and regional coordinators. It is the policy organ that will provide strategic leadership and develop working agendas from time to time.

The regional council: this is constituted by the regional coordinators and the district coordinators within that region.

District council: this is headed by the district coordinator and brings together all constituency coordinators.

There will be special working committees that will be constituted by the national council to perform specific tasks as deemed necessary