No Money No Card: Abubaker Kawalya gives Fred Nyanzi about 300 Million UGX to deny popular Mubiru James NUP card

No money No Card: Abubaker Kawalya gives Nyanzi about 300 Million UGX to deny popular Mubiru James NUP card. Whisper Eye Reports

Kamwokya based National Unity Platform a political party established in 2015, it has come to life after Kyadondo East MP Hon Robert Kyagulanyi became its president faces a huge task as party nominations for the upcoming 2021 general elections take another twist.

Whisper Eye has learnt that KCCA Speaker Alhajji Abubaker Kawalya shocking throat for parliamentary power in the upcoming 2021 elections has ditched another huge financial offer to scoop NUP card.

Abubaker who is a new entrant to people power first approached Fred Nyanzi the head of informal sector people power our power / NUP to ensure he is granted a free NUP card for the upcoming elections.

Kawalya who left his mother party FDC for People Power ensured he gives Nyanzi close to 100 million UGX to ensure the NUP card is his with another promise of 200 millions UGX incase he secures the new umbrella symbol.

Our sources have also revealed to us that after receiving millions , Fred Nyanzi who is also eyeing Kampala Central seat started reaching out to Mubiru James the most popular People Power aspirant in Lubaga North to convince him to let off the NUP card for what he calls a wealthiest Kawalya.

Mubiru who has been campaigning for the same seat was remorseful towards Fred Nyanzi and listened to his offers to step down, our sources narrate.

However the people power teams that visit every constituency to determine the strength of their aspirants reported to Bobi Wine that indeed Mubiru James’s ground in Lubaga North is like that of Bobi Wine in Kyadondo East.

That it would be very difficult for Kawalya to defeat MP Kasibante and Minister Betty Kamya with the emergency of Brian Tiyendwa, however with Mr Mubiru James granted NUP card it would be the first NUP registered parliamentary slot come 2021 elections. One of the leaders told Bobi Wine.

Kawalya sensing an uphill task, he has tabled various offers to see him scoop the new hot cake Umbrella without a risk. He bought off a local singer known as Kamenyo with just 2 Million UGX with promises of being his lead singer during Campaign some thing the rapper regrets of late.

Renowned dealer Fred Nyanzi the elder brother of Bobi Wine after pocketing millions from Kawalya with all promises to lockout Mubiru James from even smelling the NUP card has assured Bobi Wine that Indeed Kawalya is their only hope.

Bobi Wine who despite all this looks at Mubiru James as one of the top 5 people power die-hards in the line of Hon Zaake, Joel Ssenyonyi among others.

Fred Nyanzi is Bobi Wine’s brother, he is a dealer at all his stages in life, a lot is known about his missions .

He went ahead to brief Bobi Wine the principal of People Power / NUP about Lubaga North something Bobi Wine went ahead to call a meeting to table the same to Mubiru James.

However this has come to a stand still as many people power figures feel this is a wrong choice to welcome a new entrant Kawalya Abubaker in the race.

Mubiru James a lawyer was once kidnapped by security agents after wining a case at Kampala High Court, he has been in Jail for several cases in the interest of Bobi Wine and any decision which is not in his favour will not go well with NUP political leadership .

In an exclusive interview with Ms Walukamba the NUP EC chairperson last week, she explained the criteria NUP will use on deciding best candidates

She said that they will consider the candidate’s popularity on ground through sending neutral teams to respective political areas to scoop for the best.

Many NUP aspirants mainly those who are not close to top leadership are worried about the vetting procedures in NUP party.

Whisper Eye Shall Keep You informed about the meeting between Bobi Wine , Kawalya and Mubiru James.