How Dr Kiyingi political website has survived being hacked 87000 times

How Dr Kiyingi political website has survived being hacked 87000 times. Whisper Eye Reports

Ugandan senior cardiologist Dr Aggrey Kiyingi has warned opposition parties and platforms over government sponsored hackers.

Dr Kiyingi who is the chairman of Uganda Federal Democratic Organisation (UFDO) said that his political website of UFDO has survived 87,000 attempts by hackers to crash it.

Two weeks ago Dr Kiyingi updated the UFDO website, and a reliable source told Whisper Eye news that he was increasing security measures to protect the website.

The updated website for the Uganda Federal Democratic Organisation (UFDO) is now active. Check it out on

According to a senior website designer who controls the website is advantaged with;

It is lighter and can be accessed easily on computers, pads and mobile phones. The emphasis has been on usage of minimal data while still getting the full picture.

Secondly, comments and suggestions are welcome, by sending the same via the input message/contact pad.

Personal and contact information will be strictly protected and will not be released to any 3rd parties without your permission.

Further more, the UFDO welcomes news updates, photos, music, videos and articles which user might want to be published, but these will be screened for suitability before being made live to the world.

Finally, there a Forum/discussion section where people can air their views and make suggestions.

UFDO chairman Dr Kiyingi has criticised National Resistance Movement (NRM) government for sponsoring hackers of People Power, Our Power Movement Ghetto TV.