Gashumba launches war on Bobi Wine says NUP is a government-funded party


Popular political analyst Mr. Frank M. Gashumba has come out to pour cold water on Mr. Kyagulanyi and his NUP party alleging that the Kamwokya-based party is a govt project that was aimed at distorting the clean and credible opposition that was led by Dr. Kizza Besigye.

Gashumba said NUP is an intolerant party wondering why even the street vendors can make parties but when it comes to Muhoozi’s party, the NUp supporters go hostile.

Asked if the funds Muhoozi used to make the party were taxpayers’ money, Gashumba refuted this. He revealed that this function was sponsored by Muhoozi’s uncle Toyota and well-wishers.

Gushamba asked why people think that President Museveni would fail to sponsor his own children to have parties. Yet he funds the likes of Nubian li and the top leadership of NUP to have luxurious lifestyles.

“I wonder why people are so infuriated with Muhoozi having a party if even street ginseng sellers can make parties. Besides Muhoozi’s party at Lugogo wasn’t a party according to the word. Parties have drinks on each table for free unlike at Lugogo.” Gashumba said

“And I want to put it on record that his function was sponsored by his uncle Michael Toyota and well-wishers. I want to clarify that Uganda has no opposition. It stopped in the era of Dr. Besigye. This one of NUP is a project funded by the NRM government. It was started in 2019 to squash the credible opposition.” Gashumba added

Where do you think these lads get these huge monies of making lavish parties and building swanky homes,” Gashumba questioned.