Court Martial sentences LDU who assaulted Mityana LC5 boss to four months in Prison

Court Martial sentences LDU who assaulted Mityana LC5 boss to four months in Prison. Whisper Eye Reports.

The Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces’ (UPDF) 1st Division Court Martial chaired by Col Sam Mugyenyi has acquitted two Local Defence Unit (LDU) Personnel of the charge of assault causing bodily harm to Mityana District Chairperson, Mr. Joseph Luzige.

According to this court , the charges have also been reduced as the same charge placed against a third militant to common assault after the complainant was found to have falsely accused the militants and initiated the scuffle.

The trio included LDU Okello Isaac, LDU Odeke Solomon and Lance Corporal Angulia Simon Peter.

They had been arrested and charged for assault causing bodily harm following an incident of 7th July 2020 where they were filmed in a scuffle with the LC V Chairman as they enforced the COVID-19 directives and allegedly injured his eye.

The two LDUs were acquitted when court proved their innocence after cross examination of four witnesses, including the complainant.

Court findings show there was no proof that the District Chairman’s eye was injured or that he had obtained grievous bodily harm as he alleged.

A witness, Dr. Lubogo, denied having treated the District Chairperson after the scuffle as had been recorded in the charge sheet and statements. Dr. Lubogo is a Senior Medical Officer in Mityana.

Eye witnesses also proved that it was the District Chairman who sparked off the brawl by being the first to violently grab Lance Corporal Angulia Simon Peter by the collar of his military attire while on duty.

Nevertheless, considering the subsequent actions of Lance Corporal Angulia against the district leader, having failed to observe restraint as required by the Standing Operating Procedures, court did not set the accused free but rather reduced his charge from assault causing bodily harm to common assault.

He was convicted of common assault and sentenced to four months’ detention in a government prison.

This case has been concluded after three court sittings; at Kakiri for mention and twice at Mityana for hearing.

This followed a visit of Mityana by a team comprising of the Deputy Commander Land Forces Maj Gen Sam Kavuma, 1st Division Commander Maj Gen Samuel Kawagga, and the Chief Political Commissar Maj Gen Henry Matsiko, to make inquiries on the alleged assault of the District Chairperson.

According to UPDF spokesperson , the UPDF has a zero tolerance policy on indiscipline and remains respectful to the civilian authority.

Additional reporting : UPDF spokesperson