Shocking Report: Renowned Killer Sobi operates a safe house

Shocking: Renowned killer Sobi operates a safe house. Whisper Eye Reports

Ugandan notorious gangster Sserunjogi Paddy popularly known as Sobi came to lime light in 2017 when he boasted in broad day light to be ‘the man’ behind various criminal activities in Kampala City.

The country was shocked when intelligence revealed how former notorious gangster in Kampala commands the Safe houses.

Alex Odwori a former prisoner in Kyengera based Safe house and Lwamayuba Safe house in Kampala said that he was welcomed by Mr Sserunjoji Paddy a.k.a Sobi at Lwamayuba Safe house who is at the rank of a Captain.

Odwari said that he has tried to get those who arrested him be brought to book but he has failed, and instead he is receiving unending threats from security personnel.

In 2017, NBS TV journalist Twaha Mukiibi landed on Sobi through other two notorious gang leaders based in Katwe, a Kampala city suburb renown for harbouring thieves.

When Mr Mukiibi met Ssebulime, who described to him as a gang leader in Katwe, he led him to Lukyamuzi, who later led Mukiibi to Sobi.

Many people have been tortured in Kyengera and Lwamayuba Safe Houses.