Dr Kiyingi asks opposition, Bobi Wine not to test for Covid-19 by gov’t doctors

Dr Kiyingi asks opposition, Bobi Wine not to test for Covid-19 by government doctors a head of 2021 presidential elections. Whisper Eye Reports.

Australia based cardiologist Dr Aggrey Kiyingi has fore warned Uganda’s opposition to fight the government proposal to reject Covid-19 mandatory testing.

As a medical expert Dr Kiyingi while addressing Ugandans on Radio Munansi (www.radiomunansi.com), he said that president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni through the Minister of Health Dr Jane Ruth Aceng and the permanent secretary to the ministry Dr Diana Atwine are planning to declare opposition candidates Covid-19 positive and be quarantined for a period of time yet they are negative.

“Last week Dr Jane Ruth Acheng and the Permanent secretary to ministry of health Diana Atwine they declared the old lady that died of Covid-19 which is not true and the relatives are ready to speak out,” says Dr Kiyingi.

“She had a third episode of anemone, and she was not tested of Corona virus ,” he added.

The Ugandan Cardiologist based in Australia Dr doubted Dr Aceng’s medical qualifications after the said incident.

” When i graduated from Makerere University in Mid 1970s, doctors from Makerere were confident and celebrated all over the world, I’m not sure that Dr Jane Ruth Aceng is qualified,” Dr Kiyingi stated.

“If the old lady had Covid-19 as they told the nation, contact tracing of the people near the deceased would be the first step as usual, which was not done, until now,” says Dr Kiyingi.

He said that the move was planned to justify their deeds in the ministry to justify borrowing money from the world bank and for political reasons.

Dr Kiyingi who is also the Uganda Democratic Federal Organisation (UFDO) Chairman also reminded listers of Munansi radio the incident of a Kenyan lorry driver a bout two months ago.

“A Kenyan driver tested Covid-19 positive in Uganda and the following day he was tested Negative in Kenya,” he said.

Dr Kiyingi warned opposition candidates to jointly opposed this move on arguments that those heading the ministry of health have no credibility.

However as a medical expert Dr Kiyingi admitted that there is a need for t
Covid-19 testing to all risky individuals moving a cross the country.

He said that there should be independent medical experts that should be hired, when Dr Kiyingi asked who will meet the costs, “I will pay the bill of independent medical experts to test opposition candidates Covid-19 for the good of a free and fair election come 2021.”

Dr Kiyingi who also declared to contest for president in 2021 asked leaders of National Resistance Movement (NRM) contestant to test first as a good gesture to the country.

“Let NRM party contestants be tested first to show the country an example” he stated.

“Members of Uganda’s Parliament starting with speaker Rebacce Alitwala Kadaga be tested secondary to prove to the country the importance of this exercise,” he explained.

Dr Kiyingi warned MP Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu and major opposition candidates not to test Covid-19 under Dr Aceng”s arrengents, “You’re going to be labeled Covid-19 positive because you’re a member of opposition, bexause you’re a member of People Power, Our Power Movement.”