We can not win an election with 50 candidates, Mugerwa leaves presidential race for Bobi Wine

We can not win an election with 50 candidates, Mugerwa leaves presidential race for Bobi Wine. Whisper Eye Reports.

The hope of Uganda having the first green presidential candidate has come to an end after Mugerwa Timothy officially bows out of the race.

Mr Mugerwa Timothy has endorsed MP Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu popularly known as Bobi Wine for the presidential race.

“Fellow Ugandans I thank you for supporting me when I announced my Presidential aspirations in February,” says Mr Mugerwa.

“I have traversed the country consulting voters seeking their input on my Green new Deal manifesto. I have been very impressed with the positive feedback I’ve received to this end,” he added.

According to environmentalist Mugerwa has told the press that, most Ugandans agree with him that the country is facing a serious leadership crisis at all levels.

“The current political system no longer meets the needs of the 21s century,” he said.

The country is characterized by weak political parties that are built on individuals and their personal aspirations according to Mr Mugerwa.

“Party founders/leaders are stronger than their parties. There’s an urgent need to build our political parties on a common ideology that is consistent with the needs of the 21st century,” he explained.

“There’s no doubt the country is need of a Leader like me with transformational ideas. Millions of Ugandans believe the Green new Deal is the absolute answer to take Uganda to another stage of development,” he said.

The environment activist Mugerwa, proudly told Whisper Eye News that he is winning the ideological battle.

“So while i am winning the ideological battle but the country is so much divided. Since I announced my candidacy in February, at least 30 people have expressed interest in standing for President,” he stated.

Mugerwa said that the every political party has fronted a candidate.

Which has so far brought the number of Presidential Aspirants to 50.

Uganda is facing the worst dictator in Africa’s modern history according to Mr Mugerwa.

“We can not win an election with 50 candidates in the race. The level of disunity among political parties and organisations is an opportunity Museveni.

In the interest of the 21st century revolution and the love of my country, I’ve therefore come to a decision to end my Presidential bid. I will not stand for President in 2021, I’ll instead back united forces of change.” He said.

Mr Mugerwa has endorsed Mr Wine for Uganda’s presidential race.

“Among all the presidential aspirants I can not find a better candidate to support than Bobi Wine. I therefore endorse Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine as my Presidential candidate. I call upon all my teams and supporters to support him,” he said.