Y K Museveni picks nomination forms for NRM Chairman and Presidential flagbearer

Y K Museveni picks nomination forms for NRM Chairman and Presidential flagbearer. Whisper Eye Reports

The National Chairman of the ruling party in Uganda National Resistance Movement (NRM) Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has picked nomination forms today to contest for the post again as well as the presidential Candidate 2021 presidential elections.

The National Resistance Movement also known as (Harakati za Upinzani za Kitaifa in Swahili; abbreviated and commonly referred to as NRM).

It was founded as a liberation movement that waged a guerrilla war through its rebel wing National Resistance Army (NRA) that toppled the government in 1986.

According to the National Resistance Movement, it restored political stability, security, law and order, Constitutionalism and the rule of law to Uganda.

Until a referendum in 2005, Uganda held elections on anon-party basis, thus NRA changed to NRM Party under the multiparty elections since 1980.

On 17 November 2005 Museveni was elected unopposed as the NRM’ presidential candidate for the 2006 elections.

His party won the elections of February 2006, the party won 205 out of 289 elected seats.

In the presidential elections of the same date Museveni won 59.3% of the vote.

In the 2016 general elections, the party won 293 out of 426 seats and Museveni was reelected president.

There are high chances again President Museveni to be voted the Party presidential flag bearer and the National chairman of the NRM Party