Covid-19 security carries out spot checks on Entebbe Airport and other areas on its men welfare

Covid-19 security carries out spot checks on Entebbe Airport . Whsiper Eye Updates

The Uganda COVID-19 Inter-Agency Security Joint Task Force(IAJTF) led by Maj Gen Leopold Eric Kyanda has carried out spot checks at Entebbe International Airport, Kitoro Market and two quarantine centers to evaluate the effectiveness and welfare of the security teams deployed.

The deployments are meant to receive and isolate Ugandan returnees from different countries following a decision by the government to allow them travel home.

Two quarantine areas visited are Lands & Survey center and K Hotel, which houses Ugandans from abroad.

“A certain level of supervision is mandatory to ensure all is moving as planned. The most Important to us is to ensure force protection of our personnel; the troops must be safe, their welfare is our primary concern as leaders,” said Maj Gen Kyanda.

“No matter the degree of planning for an operation, the operational environment is dynamic and hence some abrupt constraints may arise, he added.”

Major Gen Kyanda said it is very important to go to field to learn the real challenges faced and how to manage them at their initial stages.

According to the IAJTF, the current situation is out of the ordinary and has hence warranted more field inspections, therefore the troops who are guarding the quarantine centers do not go home.

The team therefore must ensure the personnel receive the important care that they deserve.

Maj Gen Kyanda further said that the task force is also mandated to ensure the field teams are effectively executing their duties as assigned.

All reports given by field commanders indicated that the security team at the airport know their roles and are doing a great job.

The IAJTF commended them for a job well done.

Maj Gen Kyanda urged the returning Ugandans and their relatives to cooperate with the teams implementing the quarantine requirement, in the interest of everyone in the country, to avoid the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

The major role of the task force is to assess and advise the strategic leadership on the implementation of COVID-19 related measures, besides security.