Why Mao’s Presidential candidacy is a blessing for peace and Northern Uganda

By Mwaka Lutukumoi

With a mother from Ankole, father Acholi, he is made to solve the North and south question. His candidacy met blackmail and attacks from all quarters of opposition.

Given the fact that we have more 9 million voters and close to 19 million compared to 10 million and below in previous elections except in 2016, the candidacy of Hon Mao can be a blessing in disguise.

All the years he kept on calling for opposition unity, and wrote a dossier on special purpose vehicle to unite opposition on principle.

They were ignored, he was ridiculed and abused. The fact that Buganda that made Museveni unprecedentedly has decided to divorce him and shown love to Hon Bobi wine, with Buganda gone, with ethnic politics in Uganda, the coming of Mao is great on important fronts.

Can help deny President Museveni 50+1%. With Buganda taken, when the entire north and East and all small tribes vote for Mao, they will have a voice.

JUXTAPOSING Uganda and Kenya, looking at the unity of tribes in Uganda before independence and 1960 Lancaster conference in London that brought independence, for change in both regime and the constitution, Ugandans must go back to the basis.

After Museveni we need devolution and federalism. Therefore, the North and central and all regions must start by voting their own to have a voice at the National cake table. Ugandans must at all cost reject a region ruling for long.

With devolution and federalism, voting as a block, Museveni is gone. Buganda is 16% of Uganda population, followed by Ankole, Soga said Bakiga.

It will encourage the elite to participate in elections
It will kill the essence of politics of emotions.
We will love Democratic DISPENSATION.

Mwak Lutukumoi