Bobi Wine threatens president Museveni with a popular uprising , similar to his 1980 notice

Bobi Wine threatens president Museveni with a popular uprising , similar to his 1980 notice. Whisper Eye Updates

People Power Movement led by Kyadondo East MP Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu also known as Bobi Wine threatens president Museveni with a popular rise up campaign similar to his 1980 notice to president Dr Apolo Milton Obote.

“Today we come together yet again when our country faces one of the greatest contradictions of our times, he stated”

MP Kyagulanyi said the blood of the men and women who paid the ultimate price to restore democracy in mother land is crying out.

‘It has a been a long story of false promises and blatant lies,’ says MP Kyagulanyi.

Furious People Power Movement leader explained how the 1995 constitution of Uganda was amended to give president Museveni a life rule.

“When he moved to remove the age limit from the Constitution and crown himself life president, it began as a joke.

In fact, he himself denied it in the beginning, but took only a few weeks before Parliament was raided, Members of Parliament were bribed and some of our people were killed fighting for the survival of our constitutional order, Mr Wine explains.”

Mr Kyagulanyi accused president Museveni for giving orders to the Electoral Commission (EC) yet he is the beneficiary of the orders.

“He (president Museveni) recently met with the Electoral Commission and gave them orders to organize what he called a scientific election,’ said hon Kyagulanyi.

“Using the coronavirus as an excuse, he is banning public rallies and other aspects of an election as we know them!, he said.”

Mr Wine told Whisper Eye News, that Mr Museveni is using Corona Virus to deny Ugandans the right to vote for their leaders as per the constitution of Uganda say.

”Therefore Museveni and the Electoral Commission should not take Ugandans for fools” he states.

According to Bobi Wine, president Museveni was hiding behind the Public Order Management Act and now he’s hiding under COVID19 to block us from reaching the people.

“But let me use this opportunity to put President Museveni on notice.”

“You might have forgotten what you said in 1980 but we have not forgotten.”

” On the eve of the 1980 election, you, Museveni, put Obote on notice, says Mr Wine.”

“You said that if he rigged that election, you would go to the bush and fight against him. We have come to that point yet again, said MP Kyagulanyi.”

Former Pop music star turned politician Bobi Wine, openly told the President that he either organize a free and fair election or step down peacefully.

But if president Museveni continue provoking the patience of the people of Uganda, they will rise up against him and he will end up in the dustbin of history like his friends Col Muammar Ghadafi of Libya, Mobutu Ssesesseko of Dr Congo, Omar El Bashir of Sudan.

Mr Kyagulanyi’s bold statements against president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni have raised hopes to opposition members, that he may have solutions to end Museveni’s rule in Uganda.