Bududa farmers sell off more than 40 Nusaf animals

More than 40 heifers distributed to farmers in Bududa district under the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund – NUSAF 3 have been sold.

The missing animals were distributed to farmers in Bushilibo, Bumayoka, Nalwanza, Bukalasi, Bushika, Bushiyi and Bukibokolo Sub counties.

The farmers were identified by the district to benefit from the program with the aim of alleviating household poverty and boost their livelihood.

However, reports from sub county community facilities show that some of the beneficiaries have sold off the animals with others exchanging them for beef breeds without informing the responsible authorities.

According to NUSAF guidelines, the beneficiaries receive an in-calf heifer and are expected to pass on a calf to the next beneficiary within their respective group.

In case of death of the animal, the beneficiary is expected to notify the relevant authorities with evidence.

James Masika, the Bududa District Production and Natural Resources Secretary who also doubles as the PWD councilor told URN that they discovered during the monitoring tour that the most farmers had sold off the animals.

Felix Odong, the Bududa District Nusaf Desk Officer who also doubles as the District Production Officer, says they intend to hunt down and apprehend the farmers who sold off the animals for sabotaging a government program.

He blasted the beneficiaries for abusing a project, which was meant to provide effective income support and build resilience among poor and vulnerable households to get out of poverty.

Wilson Watira, the Bududa District LC V chairperson regretted the news saying they should involve police to arrest those criminals so that others can learn from them.

A total of 20 farmers have sold animals in Bushilibo sub county, 16 farmers in Bukibokolo and 5 farmers in Nalwanza sub county respectively.