Why we should celebrate the life of Gen Kasirye Gwanga – Mulindwa Andrew

Fellow Ugandans, let’s celebrate the life of Gen. Kasirye Ggwanga our long time friend and an activist in remembrance of his life he sacrificed for the well beings of Ugandans.

Gen. Kasirye as a man in uniform has served his country wholely, he dedicated his entire life to serve Buganda and Uganda as well and his death is a shock not only to Ugandans alone but environment to.

Kasirye has been an open minded person who never feared to talk the truth and a man you can’t scare and or threaten.

Kasirye has been among the few nationalists we have in Uganda, in fact he has been the true face of patriotism, his love and passion to his country won him a place into hearts of Ugandans and he has been among the few Soldiers loved by Ugandans.

Kasirye Ggwanga died on a heroes day, indeed this man is a Hero not only to human beings but even to the environment due to his tirelessly effort to preserve yhe environment, one would think he was a NEMA officer yet he was just an environmentalist who loved to protect and preserve the nature of his country.

His fight to protect forests and water bodies brought him several enemies for failing them to destroy the nature however, he won the majority of hearts for Ugandans who felt like they had got a fearless man who can confront even the so called untouchable.

Gen. Kasirye a freedom fighter and an environmental activist, your struggle and effort to preserve the nature needs an outstanding applause from Ugandans, we have nothing to pay for you but you deserve our prayers for your sacrifice.

The journey of life is always complicating, at times it ends where your life matters mostly.

You have gone too soon, though we’re aware that you have to go, we shall keep you in our prayers and because you have been a fighter in all angles, we shall never forget you.

Till we meet again, Bye bye Gen. Kasirye the Buganda’s Lion
Gusinze nnyo Ayii Ssabasajja

By Mulindwa Andrew
Mp Bukomansimbi south 2021 a human right defender and environmentalist.