How Chinese President Xi is commanding the country’s fight against COVID-19 – Hanane Thamik

President Xi Jinping stressed that the country would resolutely win the people’s war against coronavirus. He visited a residential community, a hospital and a district center for disease control and prevention in Beijing.

President Xi expressed confidence that China can achieve a full victory in the fight against the epidemic. This is also not the first time that he has assured the country that the safety and health of the people is the NATION’S TOP PRIORITY. At Beijing Ditan hospital, one of the designated institutions for novel coronavirus pneumonia patients, President Xi called on medical staff to continue to improve diagnosis and treatment to save patients at all costs and reminded them to take care of themselves.

Via a telemedicine system, the Chinese president encouraged the frontline medical workers in three hospitals in Wuhan to resolutely carry on the fight to defend the city. President Xi also stressed that the whole party, armed forces and people of all ethnic groups in China should stand together with the people of Hubei and Wuhan.

On the epidemic’s potential impact on the Chinese economy, President Xi stressed that the fundamentals of China’s long-term economic development remain unchanged and the impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic on the economy will be short-lived. He said: “close attention should be paid to employees and large–scale layoffs should be avoided “. Since the outbreak, China’s response has been unprecedented. Over the past few weeks, President Xi has called multiple meetings, heard reports, made important instructions and discussed the topic with foreign leaders. On January 25th, the first day of China’s Lunar New Year, President Xi chaired a meeting of the standing committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and made epidemic prevention and controls a priority task. One message is consistent and crystal clear: “the people must always come the first ”.

The number of daily new confirmed cases outside Hubei province has dropped for seven consecutive days since February 4th. The strong measures China has taken have not only benefited the health of the Chinese people but have also made huge contributions to the world’s public safety. As President Xi stressed, the situation at the moment remains very serious but his confidence sends a clear signal that China is poised to achieve a full victory in the fight against the epidemic.

President Xi Jinping learns about Huoshenshan Hospital’s operations, treatment of patients, protection for medical workers and scientific research after arriving in Wuhan, China, March 10, 2020. (Photo Source: Xinhua)
On March 10th, the Chinese president visited Wuhan for the first time since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. He started his visit to Huoshenshan Hospital, which was built in just 10 days to treat coronavirus patients. He visited patients and sent encouragement to medical workers there. President Xi Jinping inspected prevention and control work in the city and how the community ensures vital supplies reach people. President Xi’s visit came as new COVID-19 infections in mainland China fell to a record low. The world health organization said more than 70% of infected patients in China have recovered. In Wuhan, 14 makeshift hospitals have been closed. Some of the patients will be sent to other hospitals for medical observation.

President Xi is essentially a modern version of Mao Zedong. I believe he is a great leader for the Chinese people and will continue to expand China’s influence globally. The way he is leading this great nation, it’s appreciable. I must say China will become a great nation under his leadership.

The efforts made by Wuhan University

Since January 23, Wuhan has been locked down while the outbreak of the new coronavirus has been escalating globally All-out efforts are being made by the Chinese government to curb the spread of the disease and to protect people’s life and health. Wuhan University has taken a series of effective measures to fight against the epidemic. The School of International Education of Wuhan University issued a notice on further strengthening the management of international students during the outbreak prevention and control, to ensure the safety of international students. At present, all students staying on campus are given thermometers and were required to report their temperature before 2 p.m. every day. At the same time, the school has taken measures of locking down the dormitory area since February 9. Up to now, no infection has occurred among international students.

The university took the following measures to combat the coronavirus:

  1. Students received free masks with clear instructions to wear a mask and not to go out strictly;
  2. Students received free medicines to improve our body immune system;
  3. The university provides three free meals each day to students times;
  4. Our school is fully cooperating with each student and checks our body temperature personally;
  5. They arranged an online shopping market WeChat group to buy other basic necessities.

To reduce the impact of the epidemic on students’ study, and according to the requirements of ensuring teaching progress, teaching quality and “no suspension of teaching and studying” in “the guidance on online teaching organization and management of ordinary colleges and universities “of the ministry of education, Wuhan university decided to start online teaching on time from February 17th (When the semester was scheduled to start) and fully implement the course timetable of this semester.

The university is dedicated to supporting students’ online study. Electronic resources are available with the support of the university library and the textbook center. All teachers provided us with textbooks and teaching materials online. Students can share the study materials and information in the class groups.

Wuhan University also attaches much importance to the support and guides on graduation dissertations and graduation thesis for 2020 graduates. All schools should enhance advising of graduate dissertations and thesis and international students are supposed to keep in contact with their supervisors with good use of virtual classrooms and remote communications.


Morocco is determined to promote its relations with China and support the Asian country’s efforts to fight the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic.

The head of the Moroccan Government, Saad Eddine El Othmani, made the statement during a meeting with Chinese Ambassador to Morocco, Li Li, on Thursday, February 20th, in the capital Rabat. Li also delivered a message from Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang.

During the meeting, the senior Moroccan official highlighted the strength of Moroccan-Chinese relations, describing them as “historic and deep.”

El Othmani also expressed the continued support of King Mohammed VI for the bilateral relations, especially after the monarch’s visit to Beijing in 2016.

Meanwhile, the Chinese diplomat presented an overview of his country’s efforts to cope with the COVID-19 epidemic, explaining how their efforts have reduced the number of new infections and deaths.

Ambassador Li also thanked Morocco and the King for the moral support they gave to China after the novel coronavirus outbreak.

“China highly appreciates Morocco and wishes to strengthen and develop its bilateral relations with the North African country,” he concluded.

Since the royal visit to China in May 2016, public and private institutions from the two countries, notably in the fields of industry and tourism, have signed several cooperation agreements.

The number of Chinese tourists visiting Morocco grew more than five times between 2016 and 2019, reaching 350,000 after Morocco removed a requirement for visas.

The year 2020 also marks the 60th anniversary of Moroccan-Chinese diplomatic ties. Both countries have pledged to organize cultural events in their capitals for the occasion.

The Moroccan embassy in China cooperated with Chinese local governments to evacuate the Moroccan citizens from Hubei Province. The management of all universities in Wuhan provided the facility of complete health checkups of other Moroccan students who are still staying in Wuhan and look after their necessities. The Moroccan embassy consistently contacted its citizens to ask about their health since the outbreak in Wuhan. We all are thankful and appreciate the efforts made by them in this critical situation.

In a gesture of solidarity with China, a lot of Moroccans want to show their good hearts towards China. For this instance, the Chairman of Bank of Africa BMCE group Mister Othman Benjelloun decided to do an important contribution mainly constituted by masks and gloves and a small village called Lota, located in northern Morocco contributed an important amount to Wuhan, as part of a symbolic and humanitarian gesture to help it overcome the coronavirus epidemic after the Chinese government helped them during the earthquake in 2004.

As we all know Morocco has a good relationship with China and King Mohammed VI, the government and all the citizens of Morocco, we all are standing with China and supporting in any manner.

While the People’s Republic of China tends towards total control of coronavirus disease, they are also thinking of other infected countries including Morocco. The Chinese are committed to helping fight the disease in all other countries as well.

The Chinese government has taken the most general, rigorous and drastic measures from the outset, many of which are far more stringent than those provided for by the International Health Regulations and the WHO.

China has put in place an integrated prevention and control system, ranging from central to local authorities at all levels.

The central government has sent guide groups to the most affected provinces and allocated emergency funds to control the epidemic. All the provinces have launched the high-level health alert, and all the departments concerned are working in harmony without truce or rest.

At the basic level, a grid system has been put in place in neighborhoods and villages to undertake verification and strengthen prevention and control. The population, for its part, is mobilizing to support the efforts of the government, many of which volunteer to transport emergency materials and participate in awareness-raising activities.

China is always there when Africa needs it. China stands ready to accelerate the implementation of health initiative as part of Eight Major Initiatives advanced at FOCAC Beijing Summit, strengthen China-Africa cooperation in public health and disease prevention and control, to overcome this scourge together as soon as possible.

Hanane Thamik
Hanane Thamik is a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Information Management at Wuhan University.

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