Covid-19: ‘Tears’ Uganda cases rise to 203 as 43 truck drivers test positive

Covid-19 cases hit 203 mark in Uganda as scare increases for Truck Drivers again. Whisper Eye Reports.

Ugandans still demands president Museveni to remove the tough lock down measures to fight Covid-19 despite cases hiting 200 + mark .

Yesterday 15th May, 2020, close to 43 Covid-19 cases were confirmed by the authorities. It’s 43 sad.

‘The 43 new COVID-19 cases confirmed from 1838 samples of truck drivers,’ says Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng.

These include 15 Ugandans,9 Kenyans,4 Eritreans tested from Elegu , Mutukula had 5 Tanzanians, 1 Burundian as Malaba another dead spot had 5 Kenyans, 2 Ugandans, 1 Burundian
1 nationaity unknown

These new cases arrived from Kenya via Malaba, Elegu and Mutukula.

According to the daily report, all 720 community samples tested negative for COVID-19.

Now total COVID-19 confirmed cases are 203 across the country. Stay Home Stay Safe.

Malaba, Busia and Mutukula border points turns to be the most risky areas as far as Covid-19 is concerned.

On Monday last week, president Museveni during the National address open some business with cautious on how they are to operate.

How all suitation indicate bad news.