FDC issues new elections road map cycle has it prepares for 2021

FDC issues new election road map has it prepares to 2021 show down in Uganda.

Uganda’s major opposition political party, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has issued a new party elections road map a head of 2021 general elecrions.

Addressing the weekly party press briefing at Party headquarters in Najjanankubi, FDC party president Eng Patrick Oboi Amuriat has asked all party leaders to prepare for the exercise.

‘During last weeks sitting of management (1st Monday and 3rd Wednesday, June 2020) and National Executive Committee (NEC) on 5th Friday June, the FDC approved a revised internal electoral roadmap,’ says Eng Amuriat.

“All FDC members are hereby advised to fill expression of interest forms indicating positions they want to contest for in the forthcoming general elections, he added.”

This exercise will be closed end of this month (June). If you want to be a presidential or parliamentary candidate, you must return your form to the headquarter and hand it in to the Electoral Commission, Mr Amuriat asked Party members.

Aspiring candidates for city mayors, LCV chairmen are also advised to submit their expression of interest forms to the headquarters.

The rest of the candidates can submit their forms to the district or constituency electoral officials.

“We will also make provision for online registration,’ Amuriat states.

The Secretary General and Electoral Commission will transmit these forms to all FDC branches soonest.

“We intend to hold party primaries in the month of July and August, 2020, for local government and August/September, 2020 for parliament and president.” Mr Amuriat explained.

The FDC National Executive Committee (NEC) also approved a manifesto development committee headed by former Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Hon. Philip Wafula Oguttu.

It comprises; People’s government premier Hon. Salaamu Musumba, Dr.Joseph Tindyebwa, Gulu Municipality MP Hon. Betty Aol (Leader of Minority in Parliament), Hon. Albert Oduman Okello, Hon. Jack Sabiiti and Mr. Mukalazi Kibuuka.