Shocking: Man fails to raise 1000 Ugshs for food commits suicide in Kabale

Shocking News: Man fails to raise 1000 shs for food commits suicide in Kabale. Whisper Eye Reports.

A man has committed suicide after failing to Ug shs 1,000/= to buy food for his family due to Covid-19 pandemic total lock down in the country on Wednesday 13th May 2020

Reliable source has told Whisper Eye that the youthful Ugandan aged 30 years was no longer working due to the 14-day lock down thus falling to raise money for food and salt.

Kigezi region police spokesperson Elly Matte has revealed that 30-year-old man in Kabale district committed suicide over alleged failure to raise UGX 1000 to buy salt for his family.

Matte said that Domestic violence is at the increase during this period of quarantine and total lock down due to Covid-19 pandemic.