Museveni Presidency , Covid-19 Ghost – Mwaka Lutukumoi

At 42, substruct 35 years you get how old I was when president M7 became Uganda ruler. I was actually a few months to be 7 years. Meaning I am a great student of Musevenism. From a little boy who saw Aunts raped, uncles killed, seen people massacred, and killed. Been in opposition from youth to adult and worked in Museveni government for 5 years, is mastery..

When COVID-19 started, I saw an opportunity for him and took it. Both at micro and macro levels he gerrymandered and took 100% advantage at the expense of desperate and dying Ugandans. Starving and helpless, with no hope.

He became the alfa and omega of the fight. After near containment of the CORONA, after the near end, his mafias and ninjas planned and helped increase the spread by allowing sick people cross borders, infect Ugandans and claim apprehending them at the borders.

Unfortunately, the gullible Ugandans have fallen victims of one man’s capture. He has the best chance of winning the coming elections 2021, because he completely suppressed opposition and destroyed intellectualism and upheld lumpenism.

There is a high levels of intellectual dishonesty in Uganda where elites have turned their backs to Ugandans. The only epitome of intellectualism, the parliament, has been completely bastardized.

Now he used his tricks and destroyed parliament. Now both opposition and NRM appears self seekers and dangerously selfish individuals. Now over half of them will lose election in case.

Lessons: after usingparliament as condom, getting term limits off, age limits off with opportunity of life presidency, he feels they are useless. He can disband parliament after all he got what he wanted.

The crab of caucus is over. He doesn’t bow to them. By setting and going for election, he will rig but will be disturbed for succession a thing he hates. Already Muhoozi is pushing for the project, the Muhoozi project, TUMUKUNDE declared war, Karugire is quite. Legally, postponing election will mean no parliament and president will in disguises of COVID-19, disband parliament and rule to 2023. From 2023, he will again have the same trick, after parliament is brought back, with excitement, they will extend stay of President for another 10 years. All these are hypothetical but prophetic given my knowledge and study of Musevenism.

Bellow is an opinion of a friend, I had a nice chat with him.

My question, do you think M7 will accept succession? Do you think COVID-19 is a blessing to him?

“NO, he is for life presidency! Should they succeed in a coup, he will get disappointed like Mugabe. Otherwise, I have privileged info that has come to pass in the last 5 years. It is a life presidency!

M7 exploits human selfish interests.

He used KB against Baganda Loyalists like Semo and Bidandi. HE used Saleh against KB. After failing KB in 2001, Saleh was sent for rehab (katebi/impresonment at Kimaka). Then Used Amama against Bidandi, Tumukunde and Mukula. Mukula has since 2001 been promised to allow the East a chance to the presidency. Then, he turned Tumukunde and Mukula and Besigye against Amama as a payback time.
Kayihura thought it was his turn as Mr. Loyal. Where is he.

Not even Muhoozi, wait and see! COVID-19 has come handy.

My opinion.

Mwaka Lutukumoi