Breaking News: Fire burns shops at Masaka Hobart street worth billions

Fire burns shops at Masaka Hobart Street Worth billions.

A massive fire has burnt property worth millions of shillings in Masaka Municipality. Whisper Eye Reports.

A huge fire broke out at around 11: 00 Pm burning most shops .

Shops affected at Masaka Hobart Street as reports suggest it was caused by Electricity.
Masaka fir burns out street

By press time area police was fighting the fire as business men cried out for help.

According to Masaka LC5 Chairman Mr Jude Mbabali , the incident which affected two buildings occurred as amost of the shop operators and their visitors had departed the buildings.

We are extremely grateful to God that there have been no human fatalities or casualties. A statement signed by Jude emphasized.

He said , part of the buildings had been damaged by the fire, as the first Police Fire Unit had run out of water but they contained the fire with the help of the district staff.

The DP member commend the Police Fire Unit at Masaka and his entire staff for the invaluable service they rendered when the fire broke out.

Police investigations into the cause of fire is ongoing as indicators point at electricity.

Whisper Eye Shall Keep you posted.