Video: Billions of Locusts invade Soroti Town

Billions of Locusts invade Soroti town

A Big swam of desert locusts invaded Soroti town creating panic among residents. Whisper Eye Reports.

It is estimated that the swam contains billion and billions of locusts.

Residents asked the Uganda government to involve them in the battle to eliminate deadly locusts.

‘Let the government buy a kilogram of locusts Ug shs 3,000/=, and see how we can do it,’ says a resident of Soroti.

“Our government has employed UPDF soldiers to spray the locusts. But for them they only want money and can’t eliminate these desert locusts,” he added.
Video : Locusts in Soroti

Many countries including Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopian, Pakistan, India have been attacked by the desert locusts.

China has employed 100,000 ducks on her boarders with Pakistan to crush the locusts as soon as they crossed her territory.

Desert locusts can eat their body weight in plant material per day, according to United Nations report.

Uganda allocated Ug shs 22bn to fight against deadly locusts, however according to the ministry of Agriculture the budget is not enough.

State minister for Karamoja Moses Kizige, recently advised locals to eat them.

In the same line, residents of Soroti have threatened to eat the invading locusts to protect their crops.