War in DP: Youth leader Okidi tells SDP’s Henry Lubowa is reduced to a photographer

Cold war in DP, Youth leader blasts Rubaga North MP aspirant. Whisper Eye Reports.

Democratic Party (DP) National Youth Leader Okidi Christopher blasts Mr Lubowa Henry for fighting DP president Norbert Mao.

Mr Lubowa is planning to contest for Rubaga North constituency MP seat in 2021 on DP ticket.

He is working with DP bloc currently, who accuses Mr Mao for abrogating party constitution.

Rubaga North MP aspirant is one of the most active anti Mao social bloggers.

Mr Okidi has attacked Lubowa for his social media posts.

Lubowa is the reigining secretary general of social Democratic party.

He was also an aide of John Patrick Amama Mbabazi at the failed presidency election 2016.

‘Lubowa has been reduced to a photographer and someone they send around to collect books and distribute things’, says Mr Okidi.

‘You need to rethink your future in politics. I don’t enjoy seeing old men with some track used like that’, he added.

DP is at crossroads, leaders are fighting each other and it seems that now they have resorted to Cold war politics.

Party Organisation Secretary Suleiman Kidandala Sserwadda has been suspended by Mr Mao through a decree.

Party elections are at a standstill, National Delegates conference postponed among other challenges.