Ugandans , Who bewitched us ? We can have a united country


“Anarchy is when your mouth is wide open and head closed” says my mentor Nobert Mao .

Ugandans, we seem to have an open mouth and closed heads. 58 years after independence. We are still Poor, undeveloped, never accountable and divided ethnically, the ethnic elites in power and even in opposition are busy promoting the same as opposed to a national creed. To me , the head is like a life saver parachute, it only works when open. It cashes when closed. Seems we must ask for Devine interventions.

From 1962 to date there hasn’t been a peaceful transition of power, we have had wars fought against our own brothers and sister, children and mothers of Uganda not foreigners.

Each time an ethnic group acquires power through the art of war, they award themselves medals and even have heroes days polarizing and subjugating the vanquished tribes and groups. We must do what KENYANS did. Which country is ethnically divided than Kenya?


“In 1986, we were playing hide and seek, we would relax around fire place ” Wango ” in Agwee village, Laroo-Gulu. In the old homestead, before we go to look for firewoods for wango, normally me and my brother Komakech must ensure that the over 30 goats were herded back into their den.

The cows were in Buchoro village, in custody of our late grandfather’s brother, Mr Opoka Manaji. Min Opoka and opai was our other grandmother in Buchoro, the wife of mzee Manaci. Ocaisionally we would go to Buchoro in Aswa county.

In Buchoro we had mzee Mwaka Lutukumoi, not me, he was a well known honey farmer. They use to know the names of each honey comb. I like ” Lagweno ki boo” whitish comb fool of honey. I loved the name. I would tell grandmother, mego Norah, whom I shared her breast milk with my mother, ” I want to go to Buchoro for lagweno ki bo”.

Ironically, when I was a few months old, my mother Lamwaka handed me to mego Norah and she cared for me, breast fed me and cried and laughed with me. Many called her Jaja but I called her momi. It’s a story for another day.

In the next series of my story, why , I will navigate my fans through my life and the most interesting and intriguing path in my struggle. In the end, I want to inspire the young. I am a story of grass to Grace.

I now live a comfortable life here with great job but will do everything to make Ugandans and the needy in Africa and the world achieve their dreams. My life has been a struggle, and the struggle is my life, and I believe, every story needs a LISTENER and when listened to lives can change .

My background is the reason I say, do and its what makes me be. In a nutshell, we must use our experience and achievements plus connections to make others achieve. In my life, I helped transform thousands of lives.


As I struggled, I survived abduction, streets of Kampala, survived child soldierys, LRA and NRA bullets, crossfire in war, and death in opposition and now safe but not happy. The polity in my country, the political elites both in government and opposition are a disappointment. They turned Ugandans to their play things. But, God will redeem Uganda and our generation who have been captured. From today, I off political divisive posts, the division, suffering of Ugandans is worth my inflicted disability.


Twice I ran for parliament and came second, at 27 and 32. In 2006 and 2011. I was badly tortured and broke hand and damaged back in walk to work protest of 2011. I was angry, I joined the government I hated, but survived after I worked for the people as RDC Lira. Hon Odur Jonathan and Mego Ongom , MP Lira District can confirm how I was fair and protected their votes to victory against votes rigging carders.

My hands healed but I sustained pain from April 2011 todate. The Xray in Uganda, showed disc prolapse and was treated. I continued with back pain.

I was gravely affected. My balance, speech and walking. Many declared me a drunkard. Hundreds went and secretly talked to my wife to advise me to stop drinking, just because, the torture disabled me to walk and speak shakely like a drunkard. My hands shakes, I can’t carry a glass of water for a meter. When I see young people abusing my thoughts and advice on social media, I shed tears. Because at times, with abuse and conflicts within opposition, I almost regret why I even struggled. I remember, with our commander Hon Mabike, late Lugomvu killed for being UYD and struggling against the regime and above all for multi partysm against article 269 repealed in 2005. Though dissapointed, I won’t run away from truth and justice.

If I carry water, it shakes and pours. When I gave a speech in people power conversations in the USA in May 2019, I got a call from my hero and a world class leader, the current chairman of Gulu, Hon Ojara Martin Mapenduzi.

He said ” My brother, what is happening? I know you as an eloquent and stable man, you gave a great speech but you must stop drinking waragi when giving an important statement to the world ” Oops, I was in tears, when I explained, he cried for me in our video chat. I told him, I am here with Lop, Hon AOL Ochan.


In October 2019, I collapsed from work with back pain, after serious specialized investigations, I was able to get to the problem. Four USA trained physicians through MRI and other investigations, found a damaged disc at the back, it was the impact of the torture I underwent in the walk to work protest in 2011. I led as Democratic Party National Spokesperson in Jinja police but was brutalized like a chicken thief. Most media attention was on opposition leader, our commander, Dr Besigye. THANKS to FDC that team that rescued us, I was incarcerated with the current President FDC, Hon POA , Hon Nandala MAFABI and Ms Wokori of FDC.


I will undergo, complete surgery in March 2020 to correct the back. It’s in breathtaking thousands of dollars but I am insured. 80% will be covered and I will clear the rest. For four months I have been in unprecedented pain, but still get time to research and write.

Finally, why did I write my personal story and predicaments here? Yes not necessary but I think every story needs a LISTENER. I believe in a better Uganda.

I write alot and openly express my views about change in Uganda. I want National unity and a United and tranquil society. We are so divided ethnically that we must rethink our destiny.

I will be restless, until when my country is better. I beg, Ugandans, look at Kenya, they abandoned parties and are crafting a new beginning. Even opposition and government, sworn enemies, who doesnt know they killed each other.

Remember politicians assassinated, like Tom Mboya, Kihika, Saitoti name them. Remember thousands massacred in post elections. But KENYANS thought twice. They put the interest of KENYANS first. Imagine, opposition successfully defeated government for rigging in court in 2017. Imagine if it were Ugandans. We would be seeing endless reprisals from the state and opposition.

Imagine in Kenya opposition successfully, indicted President Uhuru and Ruto to ICC. Here we are just trying to get it done. 10 years indicted but, now they have come up with BBI. BRIDGING BRIDGES INITIATIVE. Imagine with $74 billion GDP, a stable economy compared to our $25 billion GDP we can’t even think. Ugandans, who bewitched us?


Yes, together we can. Martin Luther king jr. once said ” Unless we unite together as brothers, we will die together as fools ” friends, Ugandans, let’s unite. Don’t say Lutukumoi didn’t tell us. I am a brother, friend, father, uncle, leader and elder. King jr. Added ” in the end, they will not listen to the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends ” let’s not be silent, let’s not open ears to greedy politicians.

Mwaka Lutukumoi