KUDOS KANYUMUNYU AND AKENA FAMILY . ” Let this begin national TRUTH and reconciliation

KUDOS KANYUMUNYU AND AKENA FAMILY . ” Let this begin national TRUTH and reconciliation “


THE Unfortunate demise of Acholi boy Akena further polarised the already ethnically polarised UGANDA society.

The hate; disunity and pain it caused wrecked peace and already ethnically violent country . The murder of Akena to many was ethnically motivated.

The Acholi had just had a 2 decades of reign of terror! Kanyumunyu is a munyankole and Akena Acholi. After the murder hate and ethnicity degenerated and escalated.

Many said to escalate further that a harmless; poor Acholi boy , Akena with his DMC car was killed by an armed rich munyankole with impunity.

The rant went beyond the family. Akena was buried in Acholi revengful way and Acholi invoked a prayer to their God to revenge on the killers.


” If you are rich; kill and pay family ” ” Rwot Achana was bribed. It wasn’t to be secret. These among others were public opinion.

What is MATO OPUT?

In Acholi; we look at total or wholistic healing. As long as there is admission of guilt and TRUTH telling.

It is not public but the two clans have to agree. In Acholi in death; Acholi can sacrifice their own children for unity.

Instead of paying COWS. “Anyira kwo” are sacrificed to the clan that lost. In Kanyumunyu case; instead of cows; two sisters would be given to the Akena family. These girls or cows are a sign of unity. The warring clans will have something that unite them.

These ” Anyira kwo” get married to another clans and dowry goes to their new home.

Acholi transitional justice is wholistic and looks at healing both the offenders and offended. Not the European or western world way of jail;jail and death .

WAS Rwot Achana and the two families wrong?

Whoever is attacking Rwot Achana and Akena family are abusing Acholi norms. They rather ask their elders on Acholi MATO OPUT.

THANKS Akena family, our son didn’t die in vain. Let this mark the beginning of national TRUTH and reconciliation in Uganda. Ubuntu at it’s best.