Bobi Wine’s enigmatic ride and TVO’s demise

TVO entered Wikipedia promptly and almost guienues books of records as the most elusive social media guru and sold Dr. Besigye as a person and opposition in Uganda.

According to Wikipedia, Tom Voltaire Okwalinga also known as TVO, is anonymous Ugandan and famous social media critique of Uganda’s government. He has been leaking a series of Uganda’s government secrets through attempt to investigate and curtail Amama mbabazi’s underneath campaign to aust President Museveni. From wiki leaks to TVO leaks.

TVO put government and security organizations in check. Government put billions of shillings fighting to unearth TVO. IN April 2018, he was dragged to court. Facebook refused to expose his identity. Government claims he violated rights of President ” disturbed the right of privacy ” of president of Uganda, according to the case filed by government against Facebook.

By understudying TVO, it was a well managed fake or anonymous account. It kept it’s cool and the only opponent was Museveni. It ripped the regime internationally and locally.

Acholi say, ” Akemo oweko gwok bango cet tere” that anger with emotions makes a dog eats own feces. Indeed, TVO handlers became emotional, hungry and angry and went bare knuckles on Bobi, Mao and anyone who is against their preferred President. Now they created a new page Happy Enoch. And others. Imagine these efforts were exerted on NRM?

The entrance of Bobi wine into the political abyss of Uganda damaged the so called TVO. THE handlers were the next closest opposition to government and their covert styles of working with government and knowing what happens within government would have gone unexposed if Bobi wine didn’t come.

Besides the tribal war in DP against Hon Mao exposed TVO more. From investigation on government activities, exposing corruption and destroying the regime, TVO descended into destroying Bobi wine and people power, destroying Hon Norbert Mao and ensuring a disunited DP and a weak people power and a strong life presidency of opposition. Read frustration aggression theory, man becomes an animal when his interests are blocked, emotions ensues.

Now, the in fights in opposition and the need to dominate opposition, the war between Dr Besigye of FDC and PP, against Bobi wine of PP and Mao of DP being confronted more than the former, helped Museveni in three ways.

TVO was exposed, the conspiracy theory has it that it’s been handled by FDC strong lady INGRID and other top FDC leaders. When Bobi emerged from no where and overshadowed every body in opposition, the handlers became emotional.

With emotions for their candidate they started openly attacking Bobi and PP and Mao. First ” he” ensured that there is no alliance between DP, DP bloc and PP. They ensured they damaged a strong Mao to be useless mole.

Bobi bought into their machinations and opted to work with them and even deployed many DP rebel MPs as his CORDINATERs, this literally removed any ayota of trust between Mao and PP.

The members against Mao are mostly Suubi team aligned to Bobi and Mao’s opponents but decietfully duping Bobi of support. Now TVO is reduced to attacking opposition and with less than 10 likes in days. Imagine, when the TVO handlers were sober, Bobi wine, that wine made them drunk and run mad, they had 10k likes..

The second thing TVO did was to strengthen Museveni. Opposition is now at its weakest with infights. yet Museveni lost weight with the knowledge of exiting. This time the weight loss was an indication. But TVO told us that they are one. Better have a Museveni than a Bobi wine, a Mao or any civilian. It’s the Bush war wish to rule for life. I hope Bobi wakes up.

Finally, it’s absurd. The Uganda politicians are greedy and deceitful and a reseaon Museveni will die in power. They are interested in their positions to earn a living. THANKS TVO. I still repeat, let’s swallow the false pride and rethink the plight of Ugandans.

Mwaka Lutukumoi