On Happiness

Today I pose the question, do we get what we pursue or do we attract what we intentionally wait for in a state of uncommon preparedness?

Here is an excerpt from the book “I am me, I am free” by David Icke.

“People are duped into pursuing happiness with a bigger fridge, or the latest car, or a bigger house. “If I just had this or that,” they say “I’d be happy.” But when they get it, they’re still not happy. Most people go through their entire lives without being truely happy.

Of course there
may be moments when they feel blissful, but those moments are so
fleeting. Their “happiness” is normally measured by levels of
unhappiness. The harder you try to find happiness, the more elusive it
becomes. The reason is simple: if you are in a constant state of pursuing happiness you can never be happy. Your “now” experience is always the pursuing of happiness, never happiness itself. Your happiness is always in the future and not in your now. Its like sitting on one of those horses on the fairground rides. It doesn’t matter how fast the carousel is turning, you never get any closer to the horse in front. ‪John Lennon‬ once wrote that life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. In the same way, happiness is constantly passing us by
because we are spending all our time pursuing it instead of “being” it.

The only way to be happy is to be happy. That is a state of mind within
your control whatever you are doing. It doesn’t require a new Ferrari
or an extension to your dangly bits. Happiness is not a pursuing, it is a
being. The harder you chase it, the further you push it away. It can be
likened to chasing a butterfly. The more desperately you charge at it,
the more it will elude you. But if you stop trying so hard, lay down on
the grass and relax, there is a chance it will just come and land on your shoulder. A similar example is the swimmer trying to reach a ball in
the water. The harder and more desperately he swims, the more he
disturbs the water and the ball gets further and further away. If,
however, he is patient and relaxes, he will reach the ball using a lot
less effort and emotion. We are called human beings and yet we have become human “doings”. We are conditioned to chase everything, including, most significantly happiness. This constant state of pursuit obscures the truth that life is a lot easier than we are conditioned to believe and does not require the enormous expenditure of physical and emotional energy that we observe every-day. Instead of chasing our dreams, we can use our multidimensional powers to attract our dreams to us. Flowing with our intuition is a great deal more effective than living our lives as if someone had just shouted “fire”.