How Mimi De Boss spent her Valentine day at a top expensive hotel in USA

Mimi the Boss Valentine’s Day was massive for the lovers day as a top Ugandan socialite was in for the day.

Mimi posted on her social media a top hotel on Friday, Check out my hotel premium suite on Happy Valentine’s Day.

She started off by sharing how grateful she was for her life and all the blessings that have come her way so far.

Mimi the Boss showed off on how she spent her Valentine day with expensive champagne on table.

At atop hotel in encore ,USA Mimi said , I recommend only spending working class people eligible for this Hotel. She mocked in her post.

Dressed in a red dress , Mimi posed at a lighting suite believed to be costing millions of shillings to spend a nite .

In a phone discussion through her manager , The Boss lady told Whisper Eye that she is so grateful for her beautiful life. A lovely family, friends and her business .

Mimi is a Ugandan socialite who has devoted her life in helping vulnerable children in Uganda despite her lavish lifestyle.

She has helped hundreds of Ugandans children through her NGO.