Bobi Wine has the politics : He needs the science – Mwaka Lutukumoi



I have indeed come to a conclusion that politics is a science. Science of destruction of enemies and being there.

I used to wonder how President Donald Trump would abuse and attack anyone, fires at will but never impeached. Breaks the law , uses foreign power an arch enemy Russia to get to power and gets away with it.

I have wondered how President Museveni can hold Uganda hostage for 35 years and still rule with the most deadly and corrupt regime in the 21st century.

I wondered how Dr Besigye can leave NRM and successfully control opposition for 20 years and dominate it’s leadership.

I wondered how he comes back when no one expects him to over shadows the most powerful and popular. I can see how he can become President before anyone in opposition through manipulation and set a worse system than Museveni. A manipulative person will rule manupulatively.

While Trump leads a civilized country lead by rule of law, his counter parts in Uganda, use rudimentary unlawful methods. Trump will use his money, the social media to destroy you. He doesn’t care about the traditional media. He attacks them because he knows non can censor his Twitter.

With dictator Musenveni, all his opponents who are militant disappears or die mysteriously. From FRONANSA soldiers to Kayira and General Aronda.

With Dr Besigye, he is more smart and brilliant. He built a team that looks set to be the next government. A formidable team and Party, FDC. He planted his strong allies in the Party to destroy any opposition to him from within and out. General Mugisha Muntu was the first victim, he survived after breaking ranks including MPs and leaders who supported him and formed a party. They all became moles.

To dominate opposition, he set up a strong social media spin, TVO, now after PP came in, the handlers of TVO account, the top leadership of FDC, showed their emotions. Started openly attacking Bobi wine and any opposition to Dr Besigye. Now TVO from thousands of comments, he gets less than 10. Totally exposed and ignored. Now TVO handlers opened a new fake account ” BAGUMA HAPPY ” and several others selling FDC Agenda and attacking other opposition to FDC. Now opposition seemed to have helped Museveni sustain his grip on power by fighting each other.


He is a mole, he failed DP, he has poor leadership strategies, he has only two MPs from the North, so he is useless. Nabukenya running against him said in her maiden press conference ” SUPPORT ME. WHEN I BECOME PRESIDENT DP, I WILL LET DP support Bobi wine ” .


How do you expect Norbert Mao to lead DP well and have impact, when all MPs from Buganda, went against him from day one? When he became president, the mighty and super DP members like the great Nambooze and Lukwago declared war against Mao.

They formed a ganda based Suubi team sponsored by Dr Besigye. MPs, Mwanga Kivumbi who went several times in the media blackmailing Mao to have received billions of shillings from Museveni. Instead of dragging him to court Mao simply said ” Stupidity is not a crime and never criminal ” many say Mao is abusive. But that was wisdom.

MPs Mpuga, Sengona, Sewungu etc went against Mao. Orgaganised parties have support of MPs even monthly remittances. They claim to be live members, but daily, supporting others against their own.

In Northern Uganda, Mao is respected and the numbers of DPs in parliament cannot measure his worth. I see people are headed for rude shock. Mao has never put any DP to compete against opposition candidates and he campaigned for all FDC candidates in the North against NRM.

He has been opposition even before the so called fathers of opposition and his integrity is respected. People might doubt his leadership skills but the tribal claim that he is a mole is never bought outside Buganda.

Even in Buganda, there are very many people who believe in him and will keep him President of DP. The truth will set him free, and if opposition doesn’t change strategy, they will lick their wounds. The regime is at it’s weakest but you opposition are putting a life saver .


IF HON KYAGULANYI, BOBI dreams of becoming president, he must quickly change strategies. He is the best at the moment among all opposition leaders in terms of popularity and chances of winning.

He didn’t read politics, when people government was founded, he was duped to think FDC won’t get a candidate, he knew Besigye would not run. Even Mao did not want to run but support him. Actually, I have been an ardent supporter of Mao, in may 2019, hon Mao linked me up with Bobi wine international team here in USA, and todate I am a supporter but scared of the strategy.

After gaining strength, FDC and people government and Dr Besigye are set to run. FDC main social media team are busy attacking Bobi wine and obviously trying to destroy Mao forever.

They succeeded in dis organising UYD reunion and DP bloc. Actually, thick heads didn’t see this, UYD, DP bloc and a strong DP was a threat to m7 and Dr Besigye who ran 4 times for President. They did everything to make it fail.

The last straw

Formation of PP Coordinators.

This was the last straw! FDC sent MPs like Akello lucy Amuru and MP Olanya Gilbert and others who were appointed coordinators. NRM also clandestinely sent members who were also appointed, and others like Bosmic Otim, a popular musician.

But 80% of the coordinators ended in papers. Others went back to their parties, others were bought up by NRM and only rebel DP MPs remained. They have their reasons, among them, undemocratic.

Norbert Mao as President want young people to compete against those MPs in primary elections. They don’t want and declared Mao their enemy.

Like in Masaka MP Mpuga wanted Mao to intervene on Mbidde who is set to win. Through Mbidde Foundation, lives are transformed. They sat in magere and planned to kick Mao out through Kidandala. The mess and chaos in DP were perpetuated by these MPs. But failed as Kidandala was fired.

Tribal effects on Kyagulanyi, Bobi wine’s campaign.

NRM rode on tribalism for long. A reason why Baganda supported him in Luwero. The unfortunate massacre of innocent Ugandans in
Luwero and later reprisals in Northern and Eastern Uganda by Museveni and his Kadogos were to blame. The effects are history. But it left division and polarized Uganda. It created the Northern question.

Do Ugandans like Bobi wine?

Yes! He can win and also loose badly. NRM did everything to divide PP and even put a lot of money. There are many who were bought off, and some others who remained in PP are getting NRM money. The infiltration needs a very rare and cosmopolitan strategy and actual science. What Bobi wine has got now is the politics, he needs to add the science.

In the rest of Uganda, the Ugandans have been made never to trust a muganda leader, they falsely believe that a muganda must never be trusted with leadership. They say because of love to the Kabaka, they can hand presidency to the Kabaka.

This false impression has been spread all over. The regime has banked on propaganda on PP leadership. From Spokesperson, president, vice president and entire headquarters you hardly see other tribes apart from Baganda.

In NRM, its mixed, in FDC is mixed and even DP now is mixed, if even in press conference they just put a mixed face. It works. Again, in the rest of Uganda, most people associated with PP are children and the old ones are quiet.

Presidency especially after an entrenched dictatorship is not a easy go. A reason we have seen Dr Besigye struggle for 20 years, running 4 times with a structure.

A presidential candidate must show cause that he can unite conflicting people, can court the security and international community. Dr Besigye is playing that. By sacrificing his wife to be supported by the regime he hates.for international job, It’s the science.

If Bobi combines a General Muntu respected by the army, a Mao, Yale graduate and internationally acclaimed and listened to in the North of Uganda and by elite in Uganda, the tribal triviality and lack of experience talks against Bobi wine can be defeated and we can get the change.

Mwaka Lutukumoi