President Museveni glad that he succeeded in building UPDF

Museveni at Tarehe Sita, Am glad we have succeeded in building the Army. Whisper Eye Reports.

Uganda president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who officiated the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) day ‘Terehe Sita’ since its foundation 39 years back applauded the its role in building peace in the country.

Mr Museveni appreciated the days during celebrations in Bukalangu, in greater Luwero were the NRA fighters spent most of the time during the war.

‘The years of Tarehe Sita celebrations is a good one because it is about consolidating,’ says president Museveni.

“It aims at maintaining and deepening the discipline as well as serving the people.” The President added.

Mr Museveni noted that UPDF is a peoples army.

‘I am glad we have finally succeeded in building the Army from the people and for the people,’ he said.

Bush war general, president Museveni questioned his army officials that he will continue supervising the force for the good of the country.

‘However, as usual, when you put milk in the container and you leave it there, flies can contaminate it if not well covered,’ says Mr Museveni.

“If a fly falls in milk, you cannot take it. Therefore, UPDF must guard against contamination because all good things can be contaminated.” He explained.

Now the army is to lead the campaign of food security and to remove people out of poverty according to president Museveni.

UPDF which transformed from National Resistance Movement (NRA) fought a successful five-year guerrilla war from 1980-1986, that lead president Museveni into power.