Ugandans seem to have given up on a democratic path , says Gen Muntu

Ugandans seem to have given up on a democratic Path , says Gen Muntu. Whisper Eye Reports.

Former Army commander Gen Gregory Mugisha Muntu has publicly stated that Ugandan have given up on a democratic path to dislodge president Museveni from power.

The bush war general told Whisper Eye that during his country wide meetings to moblise for his Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) Party.

Many Ugandans do not believe in a democratic process of system change in Uganda.

‘I have on several occasions met people who have given up on a democratic Uganda. They say they see no way to achieve our dreams in the current situation,’ says Gen Muntu

‘We disagree,’ he states

ANT Leader asked Ugandans to take up a tough decision to change the status quo.

“When fighting for what is right, you have two options.” Gen Muntu said.

“You can give up when the going gets tough, surrendering yourself and your ideals on the altar of defeat. Or, you can fight on, for as long as it takes. Those are the only options.” He explains.

Muntu said that his Alliance for National Transformation-Uganda chooses to fight on, and will not give up.