Moi died aged 103 not 95 as many say, Njiru

Lee Njiru, the late Mzee Daniel Arap Moi Press Secretary has revealed a little known secret about Moi’s real age.

Njiru who has worked for Moi for over 40 years claims that the retired president died aged between 102 and 103 years.

He claims to have known Kenya’s second president more than anyone else, saying that his job entailed knowing his boss inside out.

He revealed that on several occasions, Moi had asked him not to refer to his Identity Card as it was misleading.

“I will confirm this to you, Mzee had told me not to look at his ID card, I want to correct you, Moi was between 102 and 103-years-old not 95-years-old like everyone is saying,” Njiru said.

His statement during a telephone interview with Citizen TV’s Day Break appears to contradict a family statement on Moi’s age.

Njiru from Jomo state house to Moi

In 2019, Mzee Moi celebrated his 95 birthday at a close-knit event attended by family in which he asked Kenyans to thank God for his care and protection.

Contrary to previous birthdays when leaders flocked Moi’s Kabarak home to celebrate his birthday, 2019’s event was a low key celebration.

Moi passed on at the Nairobi Hospital at 5.20AM on Tuesday.

News of his death was relayed to the public through a statement by President Kenyatta who announced a state of National Mourning until Kenya’s second president is buried.