Oyam district received drugs for three cycles from National Medical stores

Caroline Agaro acting district health officer Oyam district confirmed this development saying these commodities are provided at the time that most governments facilities in the district are running out of stocks especially anti malarial drugs.

In her remarks Agaro cautioned health worker against drugs theft calling upon vgillancy from community in ensuring that government drugs are protected.

Agaro further cautioned  people who normally receives drugs from facilities even when they are not sick saying this is very risky for their health therefore,she advised all health workers to ensure that all patients are examined and taken through diagnostic processes before they are treated.

Dan Odongo Assistant Inventory Officer of Oyam equally confirmed this development saying Oyam district received enough quantity of ARVs and anti malarial drugs compared to other drugs adding that this is because of high rate of HIV and malaria cases in the district.

Furthermore Odongo said in this delivery they have received stocks for three  consecutive cycles for all the 29 government health facilities in Oyam district and they are hoptimistic that delivery of these drugs to different facilities will commence any time from today .

During an interview on phone with Benson Dilla the LC5 chairman of Oyam district  appealed to health centre management committee and others stakeholders to be closer to the facility during the delivery of these drug stocks in a bid to combat drug theft which has been soo rampant in Oyam for the last three years where such cases could be registered weekly.

Story by Chris Woo