Floods destroy gardens in Serere District

Floods destroy gardens in Serere District . Whisper Eye Updates.

Residents of Sambwa village in Pingire sub county in Serere district are crying for help after floods hit them destroying property.

Teso sub region may experience food crisis due to tutorial rains that have caused floods in the area since March, 2020.

According to leaders, the affected areas are the major food basket of the region.

The torrential rains, which began pounding the country in early March, have raised the water level on Lake Kyoga, resulting in floods.

And thousands of households have been displaced and destroyed acres of farmlands in Serere district.

“The current situation is tough and we ask the government to come to our rescue./says a resident of Sambwa village.”

Serere district LC. V chairman Mr Joseph Opit Okojo, told Whisper Eye News that floods caused by rising water levels in Lake Kyoga have affected more than 10,000 individuals in six sub counties near the lake.

These Sub Counties include; Kateta, Pingire, Atira, Labori, Kagwara and Kadungulu.

In Pingire Sub County alone, about 5,000 gardens have been affected, leaving more than 4,000 residents on the verge of starvation.

The Sub-County Chairperson, Michael Ongwara reliably informed us that a number of residents were forced to seek shelter with friends in the uplands

Many families are currently starving.

Leaders are asking the Office of the Prime Minister to come and rescue the people of Serere.

Last month main rivers in Kasese river Nyamwamba, Mubuku, Nyamugasani, Rwembya and lhubiriha burst their banks, about six people were killed and property destroyed.