Hon. (Hajji) Abubaker Kawalya’s Generous Contributions Embolden Community Spirit: Rubaga North Imams Association Receive Support and Cultural Honors

Hon. (Hajji) Abubaker Kawalya’s Generous Contributions Embolden Community Spirit: Rubaga North Imams Association Receive Support and Cultural Honors.

Hon (Hajji) Kawalya Abubaker, the esteemed Member of Parliament representing MP – Rubaga North convened a harmonious gathering echoing unity and solidarity with Lubaga North Imams under their umbrella Lubaga North Imam’s Progressive Association (LUNIPA) at their office stationed at Namungoona-Luyinja, to extend a heartfelt hand of support and respect.

The meeting, held amidst a backdrop of camaraderie and shared purpose, witnessed Hon (Hajji) Kawalya Abubaker announcing transformative contributions to enhance community welfare.

In a remarkable display of generosity, Hajji Kawalya pledged a substantial sum of Ugx. 5,000,000/- to assist in procuring a much-needed team vehicle for their Association, amplifying their outreach endeavors and strengthening community connections. This pivotal contribution reflects MP Kawalya’s unwavering commitment to fostering inclusivity and accessibility within the community of Rubaga North Constituency.

Furthermore, embracing the spirit of Eid al-Adha 2024, Hajji Kawalya allocated an additional Ugx. 2m towards the purchase of a sacrificial bull, ensuring that families in need can partake in the cherished tradition with dignity and joy. This gesture underscores Hon (Hajji) Kawalya Abubaker’s deep understanding of cultural significance and dedication to preserving cherished traditions.

In a symbolic tribute to the revered Imams, 45 Imams each was graciously presented with a traditional garment known as a “Jubbah”, symbolizing mutual respect and appreciation for their spiritual leadership and cultural heritage.

Shk. Hussein Lwanga, the association chairperson expressed profound gratitude for Hajji Kawalya’s exemplary leadership and unwavering support, emphasizing the transformative impact of such initiatives on community cohesion and well-being. “We are deeply moved by your generosity and commitment to our community. These contributions will undoubtedly strengthen our ability to serve and uplift those in need.” Sheikh Lwanga told Hon. Kawalya during the meeting. To backup their heartfelt appreciation, the Imams presented a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ to Hon. Kawalya Abubaker for his continued support.

Hon (Hajji) Kawalya Abubaker’s compassionate actions not only exemplify the spirit of empathy and solidarity but also serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for fostering a more inclusive and supportive society. As the community continues to navigate challenges, his steadfast dedication to uplifting and empowering all members underscores the profound impact of collaborative efforts in creating a brighter future for all.