Public Opinions is a catalyst for Development and Foreign Policy Advancement in Uganda

Public Opinions is a catalyst for Development and Foreign Policy Advancement in Uganda

The Profile of Public Opinions

Public Opinions, a pioneering public awareness and information dissemination company in Uganda, has a rich history that spans over two decades.

Founded in 2005 by Buyinza Adam Luzindana, the company has evolved from a student-led initiative to a globally recognized entity, playing a vital role in shaping Uganda’s progress.

The journey of Public Opinions began in 2004 when Buyinza Adam Luzindana, then a student at Makerere University, founded the Makerere University Poor Students Association (MUPOSA). This initiative aimed to empower students from disadvantaged backgrounds and promote social justice. In the same year, Buyinza Adam Luzindana also formed the Movement Vision 2025, a mass student pressure group dedicated to spreading the gospel of the ruling party, the National Resistance Movement.

In 2005, after consultation with close friends and influential leaders in government of Uganda, Buyinza Adam Luzindana founded Public Opinions.The company started as a small organization with a big vision to make a difference in Uganda’s development landscape.

In 2008, Public Opinions was incorporated by the Registrar of Companies as a company limited by guarantee, marking a significant milestone in its growth and expansion.

In 2009, Public Opinions commenced its activities as a public awareness and information dissemination firm. Since then, the company has organized numerous high-profile events and summits within and outside uganda, hosting dignitaries such as H.E. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and other influential leaders in government.

Public Opinions has also expanded its services to include diplomacy and foreign policy advisory, investment advisory, corporate printing and branding, distribution of promotional and campaign materials, training and mentorship in public and business leadership,international exchange programs, and election observation.

Throughout its history,Public Opinions has remained committed to promoting Uganda’s development and foreign policy. The company’s contributions have been recognized and appreciated by various stakeholders, including President In Museveni who in his aaceptance speech appreciated Public Opinions for recognizing the work and contribution of the NRA BUSH war heroes.

In 2022,Public Opinions honored President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni with the Responsible Investment Global Certification Award, acknowledging his commitment to peace and development.

Public Opinions express its gratitude to:its Clients, for their trust and support,Friends and well-wishers, for their encouragement,President Museveni, for his appreciation,Rt. Hon. Amama Mbabazi, former Prime Minister, for his blessings in the formative years,Founding Members including the late Brig.Noble Mayombo, Gen. Pecos Kutesa, and Gen Aronda Nyakairima, for their vision and legacy.

Public Opinions remains dedicated to driving progress in Uganda, fostering public awareness, and promoting foreign policy advancement, solidifying its position as a leader in public awareness and information dissemination as well as Diplomacy, and strategic studies. Public Opinions is the biggest virtual public awareness and information dissemination company in Uganda.

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